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Condensed Plasmoids (LENR)

Σldritch - 20-4-2022 at 11:57

I thought this was interesting and well worth a read:

It seems amateur accessible too, for better or worse.

Texium - 20-4-2022 at 13:50

Oh, more cold fusion BS? No thank you

Σldritch - 20-4-2022 at 15:51

You did not read the paper, yes? I suggest you do before dissmissing it. I think you will be pleasantly suprised. I know i was.

violet sin - 21-4-2022 at 13:10

I've not read the main linked article yet. But after scanning the timeline, one of authors referenced( Anatoly I. Klimov) had a book for sale on Barnes and Noble, for 279$ @ 782pg long, sounds more credible than some of the rest.

Controlled Nucleosynthesis: Breakthroughs in Experiment and Theory / Edition 1

They have a section talking about nullification of radioactive material, pg 153 "EXPERIMENTS ON THE NEUTRALIZATION OF RADIOACTIVITY" I wanted to check out. Some interesting ideas, like :

.." Due to a strong compression of the active region, nuclei lose their individuality in a volume being collapsed. We expect the formation of a giant macronucleus or, to be more exact, an electron-nucleus macrocluster which undergoes a number of global transformations and begins to decay with the emission of new nuclei. "...

I downloaded the book off LibGen and it's pretty good at first glance. Not sure if it will hold up to continued scrutiny. I'll be checking out some of this. No where near enough read to form an opinion yet. If you can actually see manufactured elements from pure substances from relatively low energies, that's worth reading.

(Edited for more detail than my lunch break offered previously)

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Σldritch - 22-4-2022 at 10:20

I've been looking for and through some of the references of this paper but i am yet get to that book. I believe the author recommended it too as a summary of the field. You say you found it on LibGen? I may have to take a look at that.

The quote you showcased is of course referring to what the author of this paper considers a (condensed) plasmoid.

The nullification of radiation is interesting, especially that of alpha radiation because there is no obvious explanation for it with conventional physics as far as i can tell.

I think it can be explained by the acceleration of time in the frame inside the plasmoid wire. The effect i have in mind should be proportional to its length and mass density. The sad thing is that it would then not be possible to use the CPs for near barrier collisions to form superheavy elements, or at least much harder to, as far as i can tell.

There is a lot of interesting physics here with such extreme conditions.