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Looking for Heidolph rotovap G6 glass set adapter

Kurt - 10-5-2022 at 10:23

Hello, title should say it all
I have checked their main site but it is very expensive (making up almost 60% of the entire rotovap price)
if anyone has some better ideas, or this part availablei would be happy to buy it/take recommendations.
attatched is the image with the part i am looking for (ideally also with plastic screw parts)

image_2022-05-10_202340622.png - 54kB

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Dr.Bob - 11-5-2022 at 06:41

I likely have a Buchi part like that, I think they use all of the same joints, S35 on the bottom, and standard Buchi seal on the right. What size is the joint at the top for the condenser?

Kurt - 11-5-2022 at 08:19

Its an NS45 (45*40)
(the side flange is slightly below 50mm)

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Dr.Bob - 12-5-2022 at 18:23

Here is one I just found, it has the steam duct built in, but not sure if that would work, I think I have one that is similar except for not having the steam duct built in. How does this look? Are you in the US?

20220512_202745 buchi part cropped.jpg - 1.2MB

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Triflic Acid - 12-5-2022 at 19:03

Hi Dr. Bob,

I had a similar thing I sent in a U2U to you. Please let me know if you received it.

Kurt - 13-5-2022 at 02:47

This one looks very similar to the one i need, it might work, i would need to know the size of the glass joint and the size of the vapor tube.
I am based in the EU

(the size of the joint connected to the rotary seal is more important than the joint towards the condensor)

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image_2022-05-13_125445057.png - 531kB

Dr.Bob - 13-5-2022 at 07:35

The joint is 45/50, which is pretty standard, the round part is the Standard Buchi flange, which is the 50 mm one.

I'll try to measure the steam duct for the exact dimensions.

here are some other similar parts in this link.

The shipping may be more than the part, but it would only be about $100 for the part.

Kurt - 13-5-2022 at 09:08

As long as it doesnt flop around thats fine, yeah vapor tube would be the most important thing i guess...
Do the 100$ also include the stopper and screw (with the metal clip spring)?
I highly doubt that shipping would be that high to the eu for such a small part tho.
What would the shipping be to Tennessee just out of curiosity?

Dr.Bob - 13-5-2022 at 17:17

The length of the steam duct is 120 mm from the inside joint, and it sticks out 87 mm past the end of the flange. The Buchi flange is 50 mm OD, 36 mm ID. The steam duct is ~26 mm diameter.

I do have (and would include) the stoppers for the 18.8/38 joint for the vacuum release, that is a standard stoppcock for Buchis. It would come with the valve screw shown. Are you also asking about the S35 spring clamp to hold the receiver? I have those, normally ask $5 ea for those.

The basic piece weighs just over a pound, once bubblewrapped and packed with the clip, it would be about 2 pounds, which is about $30 to Europe. The postage prices keep going up every month. To KY, it would be about $9-10. I could also sell via Ebay, which provides their own international shipping, sometimes cheaper than I can. Let me know if you need any other measurements, I found my mm ruler now.

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Kurt - 13-5-2022 at 22:11

The vapour tube is unfortunately too big, the joint size seems good,do you have similar connectors without the vapour tube avalible?
also since you found your mm ruler, is the outside of the rotary joint exactly 50mm? or slighly below?

Dr.Bob - 14-5-2022 at 02:56

I think that I have some of these without the vapor/steam tube, just have to dig them out, might be still attched to the condenser. I'll look, but it may take a few days to dig through the condensers. The flange appears to be 50 mm exactly, those are all the same as far as I have ever seen, Heidolph is simply copying Buchis design after the patent ran out, I believe, so they should all be interchangable.

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Kurt - 14-5-2022 at 03:10

yeah maybe its my calpiers, but im measuring something like 49.5mm, eh... should fit
yeah would be nice if you could dig some out ^^

chemship1978 - 14-5-2022 at 23:38

Kurt, I sent you a U2U.

Kurt - 25-5-2022 at 07:26

Request closed, got a full set, thanks anyway.