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Dumpster dive glassware/equipment sale!

flaminglasrswrd - 20-6-2022 at 10:26

I scored big on a dive at my local university dumpster and wanted to give SM a chance to buy before I list on eBay.

I asked around and apparently, one of the chemistry professors just retired. The boxes upon boxes of glassware and equipment from his lab were tossed in the dumpster without looking.

So obviously this is all used. They may have scratches/stains but no cracks or other defects that would make them unusable. Shipping from Kansas, USA domestic will be $10-15.

  1. (2) friedrich's condensers
  2. 500 ml "constant addition" funnel (missing stoppers)
  3. 5 condensers (500mm liebig with 60° bend, 500mm allihn, 400mm allihn, 400mm liebig, 300mm "reverse allihn")
  4. 6 pressure equalized addition funnels (300ml, 2×250ml, 2×100ml, 1×50ml)
  5. 500ml pressure equalized addition funnel with cooling coil and bypass tap
  6. 3×magnetic stirrers (Fischer, Corning, Fischer)

I have about a dozen more pressure equalized addition funnels of various sizes but they are missing their stoppers. The far-left stirrer makes noises but works anyway.

I'm selling these below market value since they were free to me. I'll update as I figure out prices or you can make me an offer now.

More details/pics are available upon request. More items coming as soon as I can inspect and clean them (e.g 3 direct-drive high-vacuum pumps!).

DSC_2772.JPG - 681kB

DSC_2780.JPG - 725kB DSC_2770.JPG - 676kB DSC_2769.JPG - 797kB DSC_2779.JPG - 416kB

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[Edited on 20-6-2022 by flaminglasrswrd]

DSC_2766.JPG - 762kB

PirateDocBrown - 20-6-2022 at 20:59

I'd love a Friedrichs.

j_sum1 - 21-6-2022 at 17:55

Any updates on pricing.
I too would love a Friedrich's. (This is more to satisfy a glass fetish rather than to meet any specific need.)
The cooled PE funnel is also an excellent item and I can think of some uses for it.

Shipping from US to Aus is usually prohibitive, but might be worthwhile depending on the item price.

lithiumion656 - 22-6-2022 at 07:15

I could definitely use a vacuum pump, please keep me updated

PirateDocBrown - 25-6-2022 at 08:43

Condenser arrived, well protected in transit. Thanks!

RogueRose - 26-6-2022 at 05:43

LMK if you have a price list yet. I forget to login so I'll message you my email address.

Amos - 26-6-2022 at 07:51

Like others here I'm very interested in the pricing. I could use a couple well-made condensers.

Dr.Bob - 28-6-2022 at 11:49

For comparison, I have several Liebig or alihan condensers like the ones in the 676K photo for $20 each, and had (but all gone) Freidrichs for $25 each. That was a good price for them.