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Evansville, IN explosion.

macckone - 10-8-2022 at 15:17

ATF has been called in, improvised explosives?
Blast radius looks over 500 ft.

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j_sum1 - 10-8-2022 at 16:08


No identified cause yet. Apparently there was a similar explosion about 5 years ago, the result of natural gas leak.

Photos and video here.

B(a)P - 11-8-2022 at 02:50

Looks like they have ruled out a gas leak now, from a read of a few news articles. ABC reported - CenterPoint Energy arrived following the blast and "made the scene safe," Connelly said. "There was no detection of gas and they're restoring service now."
If it were an IED, that is a serious amount of energetic material. It would need to be more than 20 kg TNT equivalent to do that sort of damage.

macckone - 11-8-2022 at 07:53

Yeah gas explosions usually level the home but do not have a large damage radius. This was huge and given that the ATF was called in seems like an IED. Although device might not be accurate if someone was making explosives. Official blast radius is 100 ft but it looks larger than that.

macckone - 11-8-2022 at 12:32

Latest is no sign of a gas leak but think it was accidental. Improperly stored flamable liquids are a possibility. Guy doesn't seem like a militia member. But was a die hard colts fan. Maybe making fireworks?

macckone - 15-8-2022 at 15:58

Latest is the two victims in the house died from impact to the chest.
They are also investigating a large (36") sewer pipe.

macckone - 26-8-2022 at 11:41

Still no cause. :(
One expert stated that it would have to be a full level of the house with a flammable mixture.
Maybe propane cylinder leaking in the basement?
The blast is too big to have been a run of the mill gas leak.

B(a)P - 26-8-2022 at 11:59

I am no expert in this area, but I would have thought that they could have done testing and have results by now that could confirm the presence of the substance responsible for the blast?

macckone - 23-9-2022 at 13:05

Still no cause. If it was nitrate based they would have something by now. That leaves a gas leak as the most likely cause. They ruled out gas mains early on so either an appliance or gas cylinder. The latest reports from a month ago indicated a possibly leaking propane cylinder.

macckone - 22-5-2023 at 04:53

Natural gas leak.
Unterminated line in the basement with an open valve.
The valve was opened 2 days prior but somehow noone detected the smell of oderant.