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TolueneDithiol complexes

vano - 9-9-2022 at 03:16

Hello! today I made Toluene-3,4-Dithiol and antimony(III) complex. I made a dichloroethane solution of dithiol and add antimony trichloride, then this complex precipitate.

IMG-2263.jpg - 3.1MB

I think this complex structure is like this arsenic(III) complex.
Screenshot 2022-09-09 150801.png - 6kB

vano - 9-9-2022 at 04:26

after 1 hour drying
301689800_1131331544138553_4678686952522216860_n.jpg - 291kB

vano - 9-9-2022 at 06:47

Bismuth complex. here on the link are some structures of bismuth-dithiol complexes.

305273133_2241219412706092_1313042286408651100_n.jpg - 518kB 305241094_621017789624059_3049604430816224522_n.jpg - 580kB