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1Kg Sodium Borohydride For Sale Australia

ausium1 - 1-10-2022 at 16:21

I have for sale a total of 1Kg (2x500g) Sodium Borohydride still in original sealed packaging.
Purchased early last year from after I ran out of NaBH4 from an Indian source.
I have since moved on to different projects and need other hard to obtain reagents, so the borohydride has to go :(

$250 AUD for 500g or $500 AUD for both

Located SE QLD, pick up is available.

NaBH4.jpg - 1.7MB

j_sum1 - 1-10-2022 at 19:02

250 is a fair outlay. If you are open to the idea of splitting it up, then you might get a better response. Last offer like this was 500g split between 3 people. I still have 100g left and don't really need any more.

There are a few SM members in the Brisbane area. So pickup may be possible.

ausium1 - 1-10-2022 at 19:58

I know it's quite the investment, but I'd rather just sell the 500g or kilo as is, I'm willing to negotiate a price deal for the full 1Kg.
I'm already selling at a loss for $250, but if someone wants the kilo I could go a bit lower.
And then possibly they could split and profit, I personally can't be bothered splitting it all out and selling in smaller quantities.

j_sum1 - 1-10-2022 at 20:59

From memory (and I might be mistaken), last time I made the purchase and split it. I am not interested in doing that this time as I still have a considerable amount left. If there was someone else dividing it and needed someone to take up some to make the deal feasible, I might be in on it.

Spurious - 6-10-2022 at 03:10

Hi ausium1, I’d be interested. Please U2U me.


Chemist1357 - 17-11-2022 at 21:44

Gday mate if this is still available i’ll buy it. U2U me!

ausium1 - 18-11-2022 at 06:38

!!! SOLD !!!