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raistlin - 6-9-2002 at 11:11

I have found a wonderful site for the acquisition of supplies. Their prices arent all that wonderful, but they do have things you cannt get elsewhere. (Due to the fact that this company was intended for use by schools.) The only downside to this is they wont ship chemicals of any sort to private individuals, but if you can get a teacher (if you have to go to school like me...) to agree to have the chemicals shipped to them, (you give the teacher the money, tell them what you want, and let them do the rest...I love my teacher:D) A positive thing to that however, is no one will ever know its you that the chemicals are going to, EXCEPT your teacher. (THANK GOD FOR TEACHERS!!) Well anyway the site is

I hope everyone out there can come to some benefit by using this site....


Look in the FAQ...

Polverone - 6-9-2002 at 14:00

...for some sites that have good prices and will sell to individuals. Although I'm sure people who have teachers to help them may benefit from your contribution as well.

Psycho - 17-9-2002 at 19:52

Cool. :)

trinitrotoluene - 17-10-2002 at 23:08

Well u can buy chemicals and you donr have to be a teacher at and you can buy a few pyrotechnic chemicals and pay in cash at


DeusExMachina - 15-11-2002 at 09:45

you can also buy different lab equipment at pyrotek and I think they have chemicals too


NERV - 16-11-2002 at 14:36

My school gets its supplys from this place. I just recently "barowed" ;) a beaker that was made at frey scientific. To bad my science teacher is a bitch she wont order stuff for me :( . geuss I will have to stick with barowing things :D .

Polverone - 16-11-2002 at 17:55

It's too bad that your teacher won't place orders for you, but people have already named several suppliers (in this thread and others) that sell to ordinary individuals. You don't need to resort to theft.

NERV - 18-11-2002 at 12:00

I know there are plenty of places to get glassware over the net, I usally get mine on Ebay. But it save me alot of money to barrow things from school.

madscientist - 18-11-2002 at 14:04

Stealing under your circumstances is despicable. You're reducing the ability of many to learn about chemistry so you have can have an advantage. Very selfish. Save your money and stop stealing - get used to the fact that this can be an expensive hobby.

madscientist - 18-11-2002 at 14:30

Teachers become a lot less trusting when stuff starts disappearing, and that poisons the learning environment; they'll be a lot less likely to allow students to do independent learning, and so on.

NERV, why not just ask your teacher if you can do some experiments under his supervision after school? If you're just making explosives, and don't care about chemistry, then obviously you won't be able to satisfy your desires that way, though.

NERV - 18-11-2002 at 15:09

You guys took me all wrong, I don’t barrow stuff very often. I only do it when I am really desperate for chem equipment. I know its not the best way to go, but for me it’s the only way sometimes. I usually prefer to buy my own things with my own money. Allot less risk despite the cost. I don’t think my teacher would allow me to do experiments even with her there, she is very uptight. When my mom told her I was into chemistry she said that she didn’t think it was a good idea for a kid my age to be “playing” with chemicals.

Madscientist, my interest is not entirely in Explosives. I do admit that is a big part of it, but chemistry is what really got me into it. I admit that I am not all that good in chemistry yet but I am learning. Chemistry is what truly fascinates me. The ability to make one amazing thing out of just a few useless things.

pissabolities - 31-8-2003 at 14:24

When I was a kid I used to look up an ordinary dictionary for explosives and on finding the words lyddite, melinite, nitroglycerine, trinitrotoluene and dynamite, I'd salivate over the words themselves.... Sad!.. But a long time ago.
I'd like cracking acetone into acetic acid.
paraformaldehyde and ammonium nitrate are easily got where I live.
Ethoxide Rules ch3ch2 OK.

aquisition of material

chloric1 - 19-10-2003 at 06:02

NERV I do not condone stealing in any way, but I totally understand where you are coming from. Fifteen years ago I was EXACTLY in the same predicament. My Chem teacher decided not to order chemicals for me. This was the 1980's and there was no internet, so it Took me a year of searching before I found mail order suppliers.:( I feel bad for all the administrative assistants at all the Chem distribution centers that I called for infromation. Some of them did not know what to think about a young punk like me calling them for acids and such. :o:o Boy I sure was naive then. What made it harder is my parents where not very supportive either so I was truly flying blind. If everything else fails, then try to find an adult mentor. If you cannot do it at school or home, then go to your local university, but let on to your true intentions until you got total confidence in your contact.

Good luck:D

A canadian site

SweetNLow - 18-12-2003 at 18:22

If you are interested in obtaining chemicals, try the site below. He is located in Canada, accepts cash, International money order, etc, and will not ask you any questions at all regarding your intentions. His prices are very good, and he has a very *interesting* list of chemicals.

I have never ordered from this guy, but I know people that have and they say that he is very realiable. I actually spoke to him in a few emails and he told me that he ships around 50 orders per week to the US with no problems at all.

Mumbles - 18-12-2003 at 20:36

I've ordered some things from that guy. He was sorta my secret source for rather "unique" chemicals. Oh well, I suppose it was about time it was shared. He was very nice. I got 5 pounds of KMnO4, it was off ebay so it was much cheaper than it should have been. Shipping wasn't bad seeing as how it was shipped from canada. Over all I ended up paying US$26 or so. He accepts american money, so that sure save me some hastle.

This isn't the best guy to get things from if you don't want someone who may come accross the package to not know what activities you are enganged in. It clearly says "photographic chemicals" on it. I suppose if they just think you do your own photography it isn't bad, but if they have sneeking suspicions of other activities and they see the word "chemical" they might get a few more ideas.