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TmNhRhMgBrSe - 8-2-2023 at 07:07

Hi, long time no see.
If I find a job related to chemistry, can I write a CV that I do experiment at home? Will you?
(I use google translate)

B(a)P - 8-2-2023 at 12:52

It depends a bit on the role.
If it were entry level and highly chemistry related or research I would say yes include it in your CV.
If you are passionate about chemistry and it is, at least in part, why you are applying for the role then make sure you say that in your CV and or cover letter. Make sure you link why it is important to the role that you do chemistry at home, it could be:
- your strong desire to work in the field of chemistry;
- you have developed your laboratory skills;
- you have a passion for learning.

Don't just pick one of these make sure it is relevant to you, so when you get an interview you can talk about it with purpose.
Best of luck with the job hunt!

TmNhRhMgBrSe - 11-2-2023 at 08:46

These suggestions very detail, thank you very much.