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Workplace chemical safety (hydrofluoric acid)

TmNhRhMgBrSe - 13-2-2023 at 07:39

I have a friend in testing company test samples. They in fume hood use hydrofluoric acid to dissolve sample, but company PPE only have lab coat, safety glasses, and latex gloves, and calcium first aid cream. They use pipette to add <1 ml HF. I know HF very dangerious, may need amputation. Is this company's protection enough? Should I call him call boss to increase protection? or call him quit job?

clearly_not_atara - 13-2-2023 at 10:02

The guidelines from UW indicate that latex gloves are inadequate -- in bold, "do not use latex gloves":

The guidelines also indicate that leg coverings are recommended, although this may not be necessary for using very small amounts of acid, since a spill would be unlikely to escape the bench. Still, I would recommend a switch to nitrile or neoprene gloves, preferably with forearm coverings. McMaster-Carr offers a variety of gloves designated as "for use with hydrofluoric acid":

draculic acid69 - 6-5-2023 at 04:37

Youd almost certainly want to get a gas mask with proper filters as well