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Which way! Negative slopes, - etc

Yttrium2 - 17-2-2023 at 17:01

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I guess Negative Rise and Negative run should be self explanatory, -- but what about in the case wherein the negative sign is in between? (As shown in my second problem involving placement of the negative symbol)

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Sulaiman - 17-2-2023 at 19:19

-(5.x/6) = -5.x/6 = 5.x/-6 ... all equivalent

Yttrium2 - 17-2-2023 at 19:25

Quote: Originally posted by Sulaiman  
-(5.x/6) = -5.x/6 = 5.x/-6 ... all equivalent


But I saw this, right where the cursor - (which is where it was talking -3/4 or 3/-4 is is what i'm describing. -- part of the statement is cut off.

Here it is saying depending on where the negative sign is placed, -- it will change the direction of the rise / run.

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violet sin - 17-2-2023 at 20:34

You can factor out a -1 and x
-5X/6 = -(5x/6) but that also looks like -1(5x/6) and = -1(5/6)(x)
Y=mx + b
Y = (-1)(5/6)(x) + 5

It's saying all three reverse the sign equally.

If you have a neg in top and bottom they cancel out. If it's just in the top or just the bottom you've got a neg slope, likewise if it's out front it's neg.

-1(3/4) = (-1/1)(3/4) = (1/-1)(3/4) = -0.75

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Yttrium2 - 17-2-2023 at 20:45

the last snapshot states the position of the negative sign changes the graph
to elaborate, in my original post, I'm wondering how each of these would be graphed. Apparently there is a difference.

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mayko - 17-2-2023 at 21:44

I think what the site is saying is, you can draw the line two ways: in the direction of increasing x (ie, left to right) or in the direction of decreasing x (right to left).

In the first case, a line with a negative slope will go downwards. In your example, the line will go down five units for every six units you move right.

In the second case, a line with a negative slope will go upwards. In your example, the line will go up five units for every six units you move (edit)left.

But whether you draw it left to right or right to left, it's still the same line.

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Yttrium2 - 18-2-2023 at 12:40

Thanks everybody
It is infact the same line!

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IMG_20230218_123541987.jpg - 3MB

Yttrium2 - 18-2-2023 at 12:52

Just out of curiosity, are the equations the same?

(Intuition, tells me yes, but what is changing the placement of the negative sign if not differences in the equation?)