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Mercury Cleanup Sponges on Sale

Plunkett - 13-4-2023 at 04:25

Recently I had to clean up a mercury spill at school, and I was introduced to mercury cleanup sponges. The sponges have a coating of granular zinc that amalgamates with mercury and renders the mercury immobile. They are super easy to use and really good at cleaning up fine droplets. Looking to buy some sponges for myself, I came across a 12 pack of mercury sponges on sale at Grainger for $2, normally $56. I figured other people might want to know about these sponges and the sale.

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pantone159 - 1-5-2023 at 05:55

I tried to buy some of these, and my order was at first taken, for these sponges along with some other stuff that I added to the order, and then later they cancelled this item as a 'RESTRICTED ITEM' with no other explanation. So I am not at all satisfied with Grainger here, unfortunately.