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Fume hood for sale, PRICE REDUCED: $300 (Utah, local pick up only)

Texium - 24-4-2023 at 14:01

Unfortunately I have to preface this with some sad news. One of our community members and a good friend of mine, Atrum, passed away a few months ago after a short but intense battle with cancer. Although he didn't have very many posts here, he had quite a formidable home lab. I have agreed to store his lab equipment and chemicals and work to find good homes for them. There's one problem though: I do not have the space for his fume hood, and his wife is planning to rent out the house starting in July. It needs to be gone before then.

It is a biological safety cabinet, technically, though it is still quite effective as a chemical fume hood. Atrum purchased it from the University of Utah surplus store a few years ago (a veritable treasure trove of equipment, I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area), but never fully finished setting it up. The lights work, both the fluorescent lamp and the germicidal UVC lamp. The blower does not power on currently. I am not sure why. It has two interior valves which are labeled for vacuum and gas, though they could also be used for nitrogen or compressed air if desired. There are also four interior power outlets, which I have not tested, but I will check them next time I am there. The "audible alarm" (activates when the hood sash is more than half open) is functional but I'd recommend keeping it turned off as it makes a terrible noise!

It is located in Salt Lake City. Due to its size, you will need to come pick it up yourself, and it will only be feasible if you have a large pickup truck or a flatbed trailer. Please let me know by U2U if you are interested!

IMG_8697 copy.png - 1.8MB IMG_8698 copy.png - 1.8MB IMG_8700 copy.png - 1.8MB

Also, you can expect to see another thread from me in the near future once I have all the smaller equipment and chemicals sorted out. I will be listing all of that for sale here, along with some of my own things that I have an excess of.

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B(a)P - 17-5-2023 at 12:15

So sorry to hear this. It is really good of you to help out his family. I hope you are able to find a good home for it all.

Texium - 31-5-2023 at 05:55

Still available. Reducing the price from $500 to $300.

fusso - 31-5-2023 at 08:18

Did you also ask local schools, universities and companies? I think they're more willing to buy it.

Texium - 31-5-2023 at 09:16

Quote: Originally posted by fusso  
I think they're more willing to buy it.
I think they're not. Most institutions prefer to buy new equipment, and hardly ever would buy equipment that is currently not working. It is going to be listed on a local classifieds site though, at the original $500 asking price.

Dr.Bob - 1-6-2023 at 10:35

Just to tag along, there are a couple of fume hoods in the RTP, NC area on the Raleigh area Craigslist, which I have rarely seen before, should anyone in the mid Atlantic area be interested in one. There also appeared pretty cheap.

myzel9 - 8-6-2023 at 15:46

Sending PM

Texium - 20-6-2023 at 09:13

Circumstances have changed, and the end of June deadline no longer applies, so it will be available indefinitely until it sells. Still $300.

Texium - 17-7-2023 at 12:15

Bump. Still available.

myzel9 - 20-1-2024 at 04:11

Hi! Is this still available?

Texium - 20-1-2024 at 06:06

Yes, it is