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Large glass reactor for sale.

Triflic Acid - 4-6-2023 at 13:08

Photo attached of reactor vessel. Looking to get rid of it. Local pickup in Reno Nevada.

5D631103-A46F-423F-98C0-79F5420E1718.jpeg - 3MB

Triflic Acid - 9-6-2023 at 17:19


Deathunter88 - 9-6-2023 at 19:58

Woah a fellow Renoite? Don't need the glass reactor but cool to see someone in the same city :)

Triflic Acid - 12-6-2023 at 21:11


@Deathunter88 cool to see someone else in Reno too. Sadly I won’t be in Reno for too long, moving to Minneapolis next month. That’s why I’m selling the reactor. I already had to dispose of most of my home lab. Just had to destroy the fumehood yesterday :(