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Could this be used as a melting temp apparatus?

DocX - 2-7-2023 at 10:25

The cute little preheater
A small reflow/preheat plate for electronics work, goes to 350C.
3% temp accuracy according to specs. Cute as a button, and for those of us also donning an electronics interest potentially useable for other things also.

Could this be used as a rough melt temp apparatus? Like, put a matchstick tip amount of powdered solid on the plate and ramp it up?
Yes, I’m really only fishing for enough reasons to buy one. I wantneeds it.

Sulaiman - 2-7-2023 at 16:25

Of course it could be used as a crude melting temperature apparatus for the range 100 to 300 Celcius, as you described,
you should order one immediately before the price increases.

On the other hand, the range is only 100 to 300 with 3% error.
mp could be used to identify or confirm the identity of a solid,
more useful is freezing point depression to confirm purity
So I guess that you would soon get frustrated.
Just guessing.

leau - 10-7-2023 at 08:32

An electric iron for clothing can be adapted to use for use as a crude melting point testing device as well :cool:

Sulaiman - 10-7-2023 at 23:08

If you do buy the heater and later require more precision,
You could have a metal (eg copper) block on top with an embedded temperature probe,
for a temperature controller (eg REX-C100) to control the heater. (to about +/-1oC)
An optional second hole in the block could accommodate a calibrated thermometer for greater accuracy?

All just in my head due to my own desire for a simple mp measurer.

PS __________________________
The two most common failures of temperature controllers that I have serviced are 'dry' electrolytic capacitors (especially in psu area)
and failed power switching devices (relay contacts, triacs etc.)
So I use and recommend the (40A or 50A) ssr option for longevity (and no continuous relay clicking sound)
microcontroller programmers could add many funtions
(temperature ramping rate control , optical melt detection, auto-calibration etc.)
....... dreaming again

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