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How much oil do I need for my oil bath?

GreggX - 18-9-2023 at 11:26

25x200mm test tube, want it submerged around 1/2" to 3/4"
I'm using tealights as a heat source I think the future might look grim due to finances, I need a nimble setup so I can keep it with me, and experiment. The ringstand is nice to have, I like the 11" rod.

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B(a)P - 18-9-2023 at 11:55

The volume of oil you require depends on the shape of your oil bath.
If it is a rectangular prism, it is the length of a piece of string, times the length of another piece of string, times the length of a third piece of string.
If it is a cylinder, it is half the length of a a piece of string squared, times the ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter, times the length of another piece of string.

GreggX - 18-9-2023 at 12:13

Anyone else want to chime in?
I may have a few extra bucks to throw into my setup.
I'm trying to keep everything ultralight, focusing a lot of effort on reducing unnecessary bulk and expense.
I want my setup to be versatile.

The setup I currently own is a ringstand, a test tube, ( 5 ) and a thermometer.

Next on my list is a tough call -

I want whatever it is to aid in learning and understanding the concepts.

6mm tubing? (I'd need a 5mm borer, (where can I buy that?))
A heat source? A hotplate stirrer?? (Too heavy, -- it'll end up at the estate sale)


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Texium - 18-9-2023 at 13:23

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Rainwater - 18-9-2023 at 19:07

If you want it done right, its not gonna be fast.
If you want it done fast, its not gonna be cheap.
If you want it done cheap, its not gonna be right.

Your gonna have to obtain proper equipment to truly enjoy this hobby.
Look for deals, learn how to make stuff. Youtube a few things.
Thats what makes it fun. I get more of a rush building appratus and solving engineering problems than I do handling solvents or mixing powders and liquids

Aluminum foil hat some stuff together and show us how you made it work.
Or better yet, show what didn't work and how you over came it.
That's when the rush kicks in.

Get some clay, a.k.a mud. Make you a tube holder with a candle cove at the bottom. Call it Murray ray tubular and slap a sticker on it. Use it twice them make a better one. Snatch some paper out of the back, blend it with the clay, so shes insulated and holds heat, make another one and call it little baby hot and pop,

The possibilities are truly endless. Next thing you know you'll have the ability to make anything work.

j_sum1 - 19-9-2023 at 01:53

Since this is a sockpuppet account and displaying the same characteristics as your other account, I am putting a ban on this one.
By all means continue to use your valid account if you have genuine questions or something worthwhile to contribute.