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OTC dichloromethane!

Sir_Gawain - 28-3-2024 at 20:43

Found this at an Ace Hardware.
IMG_0372.jpeg - 1.5MB
I first saw it on their website. The sds and label said methylene chloride, but the description said it was water based. When I went in to the store though the label was different from the online picture, but it said it contained methylene chloride.
I turned the can upside down and let out all the propellant, then poked a hole in the bottom and drained it out. It was filled with a clear orange liquid that looked like mostly DCM.

IMG_0371.jpeg - 3.5MB

I was left with about 350 mL of pure DCM and a little thick, orange goo in the flask. Everything came over at 40C.
IMG_0373.jpeg - 711kB
This is the first time I’ve ever come across any OTC product with DCM. Now all I need is carbon tet and I’ve got the whole gang!

BromicAcid - 29-3-2024 at 03:25

Cool find, it was nearly impossible for me to find it out on the shelves two decades ago. Better send some fan mail to the manufacturer so they don't change the recipe.

Texium - 29-3-2024 at 07:37

Interesting. How much did it cost?

Sir_Gawain - 29-3-2024 at 07:45

16 USD. It isn’t the cheapest way to get DCM, but if you just need a small amount it works fine.

charley1957 - 30-3-2024 at 05:27 Here’s another product on Amazon, first ingredient is methylene chloride, it’s 20 ounces for about $11. I’d scoop up as many of these as I could while the getting is good.

Sir_Gawain - 30-3-2024 at 08:28

Oh wow, that’s twice as cheap! Thanks!

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