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Psycho - 17-9-2002 at 14:31

Hello All. I'm currently a freshman in college, enrolled in Chemistry 101. I'm majoring in Biology, though I have enjoyed every Chemistry course I have taken. Hmm. maybe I'll minor in Chemistry. I wish I would have taken AP Chemistry, so I wouldn't have to be a lecture class that seats 300. Plus if I would have placed out of Chemistry, I could take more interesting Chemistry and Biology courses.
I have a question for you.
What are the products of NaNO2 + HCl?
I know NO2 is formed, and I assume NaCl is too. Is hydrogen gas formed as well, and if so would be reactive, because in my case it didn't. Thanks. I know I am a newbie compared to the rest.

madscientist - 17-9-2002 at 14:42

Welcome to sciencemadness. :)

I believe this is how the reaction proceeds.

NaNO2 + HCl ----> NaCl + HNO2

HNO2 (nitrous acid) is very unstable.

2HNO2 ----> H2O + NO + NO2

So, overall:

2NaNO2 + 2HCl ----> 2NaCl + H2O + NO + NO2

Psycho - 17-9-2002 at 14:47

Thanks for your help, I though that something unstable like that formed. Again, thanks. :)