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Axes Manufacture of Explosives

Xanthippe - 23-1-2012 at 12:56

This is an article from a 1946 issue of Chemical Industries magazine. The last page are my notes on this,,,, from back in the day when studying chemistry was still legal.

Axis-Explosives1.jpg - 452kBAxis-Explosives2.jpg - 485kBAxis-Explosives3.jpg - 361kBAxis-Explosives4.jpg - 368kBAxis-Explosives5.jpg - 380kBAxis-Explosives6.jpg - 450kBAxis-Explosives7.jpg - 327kB

AndersHoveland - 23-1-2012 at 13:07

Nitroglycerin and ethylene glycol dinitrate are essentially obsolete in modern military explosives, and its use in mining and demolition, where it is used in the form of gelatin dynamite, is declining.

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Pulverulescent - 23-1-2012 at 13:21

Axes of evil? :D


Mr. Wizard - 23-1-2012 at 18:32

Thanks for sharing the interesting magazine article.

Xanthippe - 24-1-2012 at 10:28

Quote: Originally posted by Mr. Wizard  
Thanks for sharing the interesting magazine article.

You're welcome. I have two more articles that may be of interest and will post them later.