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raistlin - 19-9-2002 at 12:35

I dont mean to be rude, but there has to be something that you (Polverone and Madscientist) can do to stop, or at the very least, cut back on the number of idiots there are on here. You really need to start something such as making a mandatory waiting period before being able to post. This would at least deter some of the kewls from making pointless posts and cluttering up the webspace.

Psycho - 19-9-2002 at 14:34

Are you directing that comment towards me :(. If so i'll leave.

madscientist - 19-9-2002 at 15:24

No, he's not directing that comment towards you, Psycho. Stick around. :) He's referring to people like Moonmonster and Bad Spirit.

Psycho - 19-9-2002 at 15:28

Okay :)

BTW, subscripts appear to be working.

The HTML Tag is < sub > number < /sub >

Without the spaces of course.

For example: H < sub >2< /sub>O, would be H2O.

Also, when making a hyperlink. The tag is [ url ]link[ /url ]


Polverone - 19-9-2002 at 16:52

The people who post crazy stuff are welcome to do so in Whimsy. The recent attack of billu bob thornton was quickly cleaned up after. I don't want to make sciencemadness any harder to join than it has to be. Even stupid questions can lead to good discussions.

Oh, yes, subscripts do work, but when you're typing quickly it's a pain to add them for every formula and the meaning is generally clear even without them. If you want to add subscripts none of us will make fun of you for making your equations prettier.

Psycho - 19-9-2002 at 17:12

Hehe :)

I was wondering why most the forums had billu bob thornton as the lasest poster, but the post didn't exist. Hmm.

Rhadon - 19-9-2002 at 19:15

I didn't get annoyed with pointless posts up to now. At least the scientific sections seem to be quite free of them. Sciencemadness is a very "clean" forum, thus there is no need for a more rigid administration.
As long as the topics are in their respective sections, I even enjoy Moonmonster's works of art :)

Psycho - 20-9-2002 at 07:21

Yea, Moon monster's posts are actually amusing when you look at how socially aberrant he can be. ;)

raistlin - 20-9-2002 at 10:40

I wasnt refering to anyone really. Not even Moon. Its just fun to "be" mad at him because then he comes back with the funniest/ stupidest things! The only real thing I was refering to was to idiots like pmundy and bliiu bob thorton. They are the ones that are truely annoying. Moon is like part of sciencemadness. Without him, sciencemadness might not be as funny. He takes some of the seriousness away from chemistry.

Psycho - 20-9-2002 at 11:17

What did bliiu bob thorton actually do? I haven't even seen what he posted.

It's enjoyable to view Moonmonster's posts about attempts to find Astral Chemistry or his attempts to develop psychokinetic mental powers. Hehe :)

How old is he anyway? How many times has he failed the 9th grade?

Polverone - 20-9-2002 at 15:38

billubob thornton posted a number of messages containing nothing but the word "pussy" repeated over and over. He also posted one message about science and ducks and quacking, with random capitalization. I am hoping that he has DSL, a cable modem, or another service with a static IP, since I have now blocked his IP address.

madscientist - 20-9-2002 at 18:21

That's almost certainly "IamGod". He's been using some Chinese proxy recently. He's some random moron who has way too much time on his hands - he goes online purely to harass all of us "losers" for "having no life and no friends". What a dork. :P

Pot calls the kettle black, dont you think?

PrimoPyro - 21-9-2002 at 04:13

Us, not having friends, and having no life?

Is this some kind of hypocritical irony display?

The fact that he would take the time to harass people for this "reason" is evidence of himself fitting perfectly into the category he accuses others of. In fact, the hypocrisy of it all is beyond astounding.

And you all suck up to Moon far too much in my opinion. But, that is just my opinion. :P


raistlin - 21-9-2002 at 10:14

Primo, no one here "sucks up" to moonmonster. Moon just makes the site more interesting. And if you havent noticed, he isnt allowed to post outside of the whimsy section, because of his agreement with Polverone and Madscientist. If Moon were to become even the slightest bit of a problem, then I have no doubt that he would be removed.

Oh man.......

PrimoPyro - 21-9-2002 at 18:23

This is getting so hard. It's just unreal lol. Im sure madscientist or SOMEONE knows what I mean, but whatever....