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FTP Server #2

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Joeychemist - 3-4-2005 at 15:12

Why do you list the books you have instead of us guessing which books you may or may not have?:P

gtacchi - 3-4-2005 at 21:27

I can't list. But I can say that only chemistry is 1.22 Gb. All ebooks is about 13 Gb. And I bet, at least the half it is in the FTP server.

i can say that I have more than 150 ASTM Standards from adhesives to structure analysis.

But your speed up is to give me a password or only to know what i can offer?



a_bab - 4-4-2005 at 07:20

Well, the speed to receive a pasword doesn't depend on me. BUT listing the titles of the books you have might determine some reactions if you have something interesting.
You don't seem to be interested enough, not even to show what is the stuff you have. Such an attitude doesn't help too much.
This is not a trading forum though; once you'll get access you'll be able to download everything you'll want to. I just asked you to list the titles you have, that's all.

Axehandle will probably get back from the vacation so he might help you.

gtacchi - 4-4-2005 at 09:57


You need to drink a chamomille tea to relax. :)

Your angry mood:mad:, blocked your vision and your understanding. I said that I have a great interest in particpate in the server. But, I can't list my ebooks because it's a extensive list.

Do the math.... I said that I have 13 Gb de ebooks and for each file the mean size it's about 12 Mb. So I have in my computer more than 1000 ebooks. Besides I burned some Cd's with the books to free some space in my HD. :o:cool::o

So, I ask to help me to get the password......:D:D:D

Changing the subject: what a long vacation the axehandle have? I wanted a job like this...

neutrino - 4-4-2005 at 13:56

Maybe you culd give us a little sampling of the chem-related titles?

gtacchi - 4-4-2005 at 19:20

How can i post a link or attachment??

I capture a few screens of my Explorer, but i don't know to post....:(:(:(

sparkgap - 5-4-2005 at 01:33

The relevant thread to showing images in your posts is here.

sparky (^_^)

[Edited on 5-4-2005 by sparkgap]

akinmad - 5-4-2005 at 03:19

In order to make a list of the files you have, type "dir /s >list.txt" in MS-DOS prompt of the very directory which contains the e-books. Then you may attach the list to the post you shall make here. HTH.

P.S. Do not forget to remove HD serial number etc. from the list, in order to preclude inclusion of your personal info.

a_bab - 5-4-2005 at 03:35

My mood is not always angry. Actually I was in a good mood when I asked you to put a list with the stuff you have. Even if you have them on CD's or DVD's is a matter of 5 minutes to create that list, now that you know how to make it (see akinmad directions). If you don't do it, you are either too lazy to do it, or too stupid. So how can we believe that you'll contribute to the knowledge database of the forum?

And my anger never bloks my vision and my understanding. So just put here the list of the chem books please.

gtacchi - 5-4-2005 at 06:23

Thanks Akinmad!!;)

Here is the file.....:cool:

Attachment: list.txt (113kB)
This file has been downloaded 2657 times

gtacchi - 5-4-2005 at 06:29

Here is one more list.... This is pure dinamite!

Attachment: list_boom.txt (8kB)
This file has been downloaded 2560 times

Joeychemist - 5-4-2005 at 09:47

Gtacchi, you’re a real piece of work?:mad:

You simply stole the entire RogueScience ftp contents and are now trying to give them to us? Unbelievable! Every one of those books is already on the ftp plus most of us are the ones who scanned those books in the first place, the very same books which you’re trying to use now as a bargaining chip to gain access to the ScienceMadness ftp! Why? So you can steel all of our files and go do the same damn thing somewhere else? What next, are you going to sell the files on EBay?

I would now ask Axehandle to NOT[ allow this ingrate access to our ftp.:)

gtacchi - 5-4-2005 at 10:19


All this ebooks I was collecting by emule and others trades by e-mail. I didn't know that the FTP #2 was the source. I'm deeply sorry....

I don't know say how much clueless i was.

Sorry, guys.

That's was the reason for my impatience in get the password. I didn't know what it is in the server. And all the books and articles for my PHD is available in the emule, if anybody is interesting....:(:(:(

Problem Uploading

solo - 5-4-2005 at 13:42

I wanted to upload "Principles of Biochemistry" by Lehring in a djvu format , but was not allowed, I have access to the ftp so I don't understand, please explain what I need to do............solo

TheBear - 10-4-2005 at 07:38

Is Mathworks Matlab 6.5 of interest for the ftp?
I know someone who might want to upload it.

Darkblade48 - 10-4-2005 at 07:58

I got Maple 9.0, if it interests anyone ;)

JohnWW - 10-4-2005 at 14:08

Go ahead, please.

If the files are less than 28.6 Mb, or can be split into smaller parts with WinRAR, you can also upload them to , and post the links to them in this thread.

Phel - 10-4-2005 at 14:48

JohnWW, if you are referring to the Maple, it should be around 288mb, as I have it (v.9.5) on CD. If someone could point me in the direction of making iso's or bin/cue, I shall see what I can do.
OTOH, if Darkblade48 has it readily as a cd-image, that might be easier? I don't think any critical updates has been made from 9.0 to 9.5.

Darkblade48 - 10-4-2005 at 16:58

Unfortunately, mine isn't a BIN or an ISO file either, so I may need some help on how to create one.

Anyone have any experience? Maple 9.0 is 193 mb BTW.

I also have Maple 8.0 if anybody wants that :D

sparkgap - 11-4-2005 at 03:28

People using Ahead Nero as their CD-burning tool may find the following page to be of help in creating *.iso files:

sparky (^_^)

axehandle - 13-4-2005 at 23:16

I'm back now -- kind of -- and it seems I have 39 unread PMs to dig through. It may take a while.

cyclonite4 - 14-4-2005 at 00:19

Welcome back. :D

I can take reponsibility for one of those PMs, think of it as a good thing, your popular ;).

I hope you enjoyed yourself on your vacation.

sparkgap - 14-4-2005 at 04:28

Holy... at last, axehandle has arrived!!! :D

"...back in ten days...", pfft. :P

Oh well, at least you'll be regular again!

Welcome back.

sparky (^_^)

Welcome back, axehandle!

Polverone - 14-4-2005 at 10:59

We've missed you!

Joeychemist - 14-4-2005 at 15:49

That's one hell of a vacation they let you swedish boys have:):D

I still can't upload though:( perhaps you can let us know when this is fixed and I will test it out by upping "The Chemistry of Energetic Materials".

Phel - 14-4-2005 at 18:52

A certain program mentioned earlier in this thread is now ready for uploading. ;)

Does acces to the Upload folder still require login/pass, or is it freely available ?

sparkgap - 14-4-2005 at 23:26

The FTP still requires a username/password pair, but maybe you might want to give axehandle some time to wade through 39 U2Us before asking him for one. ;)

sparky (^_^)

axehandle - 25-4-2005 at 14:32

I just now managed to defy my natural lazyness: All the 30+ pending u2u messages are read and I've even replied to some of them! :)

Organikum - 25-4-2005 at 14:34

Welcome back Axehandle!


Polverone - 25-4-2005 at 18:36

Good to see you again, axehandle. I hope that you may soon regale us with more daring tales of circumventing Swedish safety and health regulations :D

Very interesting bug

axehandle - 1-5-2005 at 10:26

It was pointed out to me that trying to upload things in the "upload" directory gives a "permission denied".

Me thinks "impossible, it worked before and I haven't changed anything except upgrading the FTP server software...". Then I tried it with my testing account user. Works. "What is he whining about? Let's test it as his user account, if it doesn't work I'll eat my underpants."

Uh-uh-oh. "WTF????"

My best guess would be that some defaults of some flags when unspecified in the proftpd.conf have changed from version to version....

Now, after painstakingly explicitly specifying what actually IS allowed in the upload directory, it seems to work again.

Now I'll stand in the corner, then I'll write "READ WRITE DELE MKD RMD STOR XMKD XRMD DIRS RNFR RNTO" is <b>denied</b>, therefore bad, "READ WRITE DIRS STOR XMKD MKD" is <b>allowed</b>, hence good" on the black board a hundred times.

Sorry, guys... If more people had complained though, I might have caught it earlier.

[Edited on 2005-5-1 by axehandle]

Mephisto - 1-5-2005 at 13:10

Thank you for fixing this bug, axehandle! Now it works again.

BTW: I tested it by uploading the Beilstein formula index (years 1920-1929, djvu, 53 MB, 1726-doublepages, German) to /Mephisto/.


Polverone - 1-5-2005 at 13:51

Thank you, axehandle. Your site is once again usable for me! Now I can resume backing up the Library books on your server.

denatured - 9-5-2005 at 18:35

Hi There

axe .... are you alive? .. i PM you twice and no reply yet ........ if you still breathing i would appreciate if you could send me a user name and password .... if your server still online....

cyclonite4 - 9-5-2005 at 18:43

Be patient, axehandle likely gets many PM's on the topic, and also has other things in life to do other than giving user/pass combos. Maybe he doesn't want to give you access yet?

ftp ......only result is time out's

solo - 12-5-2005 at 13:50

I tried many times to day to access the ftp with only time out's for my effort......has anyone else had the same problem? I've PM axhandle to see if all is functioning nl., anyway I thought I ask as I can access other ftp save axhandle's...............solo

Power outage

axehandle - 13-5-2005 at 11:49

I was away for a couple of days, there has been a power outage and the server has an antique motherboard whose BIOS cannot be set to "always power on".

It's on again now, thanks to my right index finger...

Help in getting ftp access

krishna_ks76 - 10-6-2005 at 02:27

Dear FTP Administrator,

Can I have access to ftp site?
Looking forward for your positive reply.


sparkgap - 10-6-2005 at 06:17

First off, you're supposed to ask either Eliteforum or axehandle for accessing the FTP via U2U, not by posting in a thread.

Second, it was their consensus, IIRC, not to give access to newbies until they have contributed at least a handful of sensible (and hopefully chemistry related) posts. ;)

Last, they don't like being badgered or buggered. It pisses them off. :D

That's all.

sparky (~_~)

sparkgap - 27-6-2005 at 04:55

Due to the kindness of a very good friend, I have been able to obtain a cracked copy of Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro. Shall I upload, or is the copy of 6 at the FTP sufficient?

sparky (~_~)

password doesn't work for me on ftp

solo - 2-7-2005 at 12:56

I have not been able to log in to the ftp , as if my pass word is not there a problem with the ftp or is it that I have had my access revoked?......did write to axehandle but no reply.....has anyone had similar problems?..................solo

neutrino - 6-7-2005 at 11:55

I have had no problem accessing the FTP. It says in the transaction log that I’m an ‘archive user’, whatever that means.

Solo: Does it specifically say something about your password or could it be some other problem? I doubt your access would be revoked without notice.

problems accessing ftp.....

solo - 6-7-2005 at 17:53

It states I have the wrong access pass word...........but it has always worked.....and no, I haven't had any noticedd that I've been booted......solo

neutrino - 16-7-2005 at 08:52

Is there any up-to-date file listing all files on the FTP? The two files named 'allfiles.txt' and 'all_files.txt~' both appear to be out of date.

axehandle - 16-7-2005 at 13:17

The auto-updated file listings are in the "0 CONTENTS" directory. The files in the root you are mentioning are old junk -- I don't know how they got there...

sparkgap - 19-7-2005 at 18:15

I haven't had time to look over the FTP's contents, so I'd just like to ask if there's a scan of Landoldt-Bornstein's tables in there somewhere or in the other two FTP's. I kind of need it for an upcoming job, and the usual sources in my place don't have it... :(

Thanks a bunch.

sparky (~_~)

neutrino - 20-7-2005 at 10:03

There aren't any files on axe's FTP with with either Landoldt or Bornstein in the filename, but they could be there under a different name.

Out of curiosity, how does the space on the FTP look (used/free)?

garage chemist - 27-7-2005 at 04:24

I get "access denied" when trying to open the folder from polverone and mephisto (and some others). I always had this problem.
Does anyone have the same problem?

I use SmartFTP.

[Edited on 27-7-2005 by garage chemist]

denatured - 27-7-2005 at 05:42

I get access denied too for some folders but i think those folders are private , only their owners can view/modify them.

neutrino - 27-7-2005 at 06:27

Looking at the permissions, that seems to be the case. The thing is that the owner of all of those seems to be root (Axehandle himself), not the uploaders.

garage chemist - 27-7-2005 at 09:00

Then who is enabled to download content that, for example, Mephisto and Polverone have uploaded?
I mean, who/what decides if a specific user can download content of a specific uploader?

Mephisto - 27-7-2005 at 10:56

In these folders the owners have full editing rights to delete outdated or broken uploads, etc. But I didn't know, that other users were unable to open my folder.

<b>Axehandle:</b> Can you please change the reading-rights of my folder to make it accessible for everyone. BTW, merging '/Mephisto' and '/upload/Mephisto' would be nice, too. THX.


rim001 - 17-9-2005 at 10:22

dear friends: i don't get what is ur meaning of healthy disccussion. If it is abt helping other members. I m ready to it. Plz give me Login/passwd as i need following book uploaded by UpNatom

"Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis
by Laszlo Kurti, Barbara Czako "

a copy on axehandles ftp

thanx and expecting a frendly reply:



krishna_ks76 - 2-1-2006 at 02:21

Hi Axehandle,

I had requested for ftp account using U2U messages. Probably u may be quite busy in holidays.

I would appriciate if you could do the needfull.


Quince - 11-8-2006 at 21:40

Yeah, me too!
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