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alprozolam mitigates diazepam withdrawal

xxxxx - 2-8-2012 at 04:59

i wanted to mention that alprozolam can reduce the unpleasantness of diazepam withdrawal from incapcitating to midly inconvieniant.
that after taking 10 mg of diazepam every day for a month 0.5 mg of alprozolam for about a week was sufficient to reduce the withdrawal from diazepam to barely noticable. after stopping the alprozolam there was hardly any withdrawal effects.
i am hoping this information might be useful to someone.

Hexavalent - 2-8-2012 at 08:33

Seriously? In this section of the forum?

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chemrox - 2-8-2012 at 11:20

one benzo mitigates another. big surprise there. they should go back to barbiturates.

MagicJigPipe - 2-8-2012 at 20:44

And I just wanted to let you guys know that oxycodone helps with morphine withdrawal. You're welcome.

And did I mention methamphetamine helps with amphetamine...