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kazaa81 - 19-8-2004 at 14:55

Hallo members,

after watching some of the last roguesci forum trouble, I want to advise anyone that if roguesci forum (or another forum of scientific level like) close, much of the info. about these arguments will be lost because, I think, the big portion of the people that frequents this forums, don't save all pages, but just post.

Now, after saying that (excuse for bad english) I hope to find any people that can post in this forum section (or another if want) one user and pass for have access to download from roguesci FTP archive and then, saving these files to another FTP archive out of trouble, like the one in this forum

Thanx for help! ;)

JohnWW - 19-8-2004 at 19:50

Speaking of roguesci, which I joined a couple of years ago but have until recently been too busy to do much for, I have just received the following email from them:

"Subject: Rogue Science has returned.
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:16:27 -0400
From: "" <>

As you may or may not be aware the Rogue Science website was
violently ripped from the Internet on July 30 by a vile organization
known as iDefense. These virtual terrorists threatened our provider
with unsubstantiated lies and forced them to comply or face legal
action. In short our rights to free speech were violated. iDefense
is known to be a defense contractor with the US government, and it is
likely they eliminated us as contract killers to avoid such
bothersome things as obeying the First Amendment and respecting due
process of the law.

As a result of this malevolent action the Explosives and Weapons
Forum has lost nearly 2 months worth of posts and over 1000 member
accounts. As of today Rogue Science has a new home and has been
fully restored. We may now begin the healing process to restore that
which was stolen from us.

Now more than ever we must continue to discuss the things we do, and
disseminate as much information as possible. The hated enemy could
strike again at any moment, censoring us without cause. It is
knowledge they hate, so I say give them all the knowledge they can
choke on!

Join us in our cause against this tyranny. Soon we will begin taking
donations for our legal defense fund to protect our rights. See for a link when it becomes available. If anyone can
provide free legal assistance, or knows of someone who can please
contact me at I would also like to encourage
everyone to write letters, send email, submit posts, and make phone
calls to media organizations, websites, bulletin boards, and blogs
large and small. Our freedoms can only be raped if no one knows
about it.

megalomania (Jack Diamond) webmaster of Rogue Science and admin of The Forum"

Has sciencemadness received any similar threats, and if so, are the sources known?

John W.

rift valley - 19-8-2004 at 19:53

don't worry the web site has already been suspended:(

mrcfitzgerald - 19-8-2004 at 20:27

Its actually back up again, it must of been a very temporary matter...


Megalomania has stated that: "We had quite a scare there the past 4 hours. We were suspended again because of all those emails I have been sending saying we are back. I got everyone except the first 2500 or so members Anyway the mailer was giving me trouble, so nuts to that. I'll have someone else do it for me.

They didn't tell me we were suspended, we just dissapeared. I almost crashed the mail server they later told me."

So nothing to get concerned about...yet

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kazaa81 - 20-8-2004 at 13:15

Our world is, in different cases, good and sh*t.
Sites closed that hasn't do any mistake, and sites.......that has do any type of mistake open!
Ok, moralism is a part of human life, but I think that this time is better to do (if possible), not to think...
Any person that can post a user and pass for the FTP archive is welcomed.
The idea is to make avaible an account at all members that read this forum.
We download from and secondly upload to sciencemadness FTP, !
Isn't a good idea? Modems and modems that download and then upload are better than a single modem!

Thanx for the collaboration! :)

[Edited on 20-8-2004 by kazaa81]

JohnWW - 20-8-2004 at 14:31

Good idea! To get a user-name and password, with full leech access, for the Roguesci FTP site, , one normally has to make at least 10 posts to their forum, then apply; except that uploads can be made with anonymous log-in.

Or you can send an user-name and password for it privately to members.

John W.

mrcfitzgerald - 20-8-2004 at 19:29

Tread carefully, The Forum has its eye on this thread allready. I dont believe they will want people downloading off of the ftp without contributing -either via anonymous upload or 10 posts.

raistlin - 21-8-2004 at 08:19

I myself dont much like the Forum or the way its run anymore, but even I think that idea is wrong. You have no right to take the information they gather, and distribute it over here, at least not without their permission. Granted, Im sure Mega would agree to it with the shit iDEFENSE has caused, but thats not the point.

If you want an account, go become a member there and work to get yourself an account. Its not that hard, and it wont get a member of the site fucked over if they decided to give you a login and password.

chemoleo - 21-8-2004 at 08:23

Now, this is not a stunningly wise thread.

They could do just the same, and post Axe's FTP user accounts in one of their threads.
We would close those leechers down (possibly), while they would do just the same if we were to post leecher accounts.

All it's gonna lead to is trouble, with no gain whatsoever, for all parties concerned.

If someone has data regardless the source, then upload by all means. The same goes for them (i.e. if the source happens to be Axe's FTP). That's the nature of the game.

But to openly post leech acc's for MSDBs gain is not the way forward (particularly if this is not reciprocated in the same manner to roguesci).