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K + S in KHSO4 - Useful as Plant Nutrients ?

Metathesis-izer - 26-6-2013 at 05:21

I have accumulated a few pounds of KHSO4 doing the metathesis process to make HNO3,

KNO3 + H2SO4 ==> HNO3 + KHSO4

For plants, "Primary" nutrients are N, P, and K. Secondary Nutrients are Ca, S, and Mg. Plus plants like other elements in smaller quantities, e.g. Fe.

So, I'm looking at the KHSO4 and wondering if it might be useful, once broken down, as a plant fertilizer.

K 39.1
H 1.01
S 32.1
Ox4 ~ 64

So the by-product of HNO3 synthesis has useful plant nutrients, (39 + 32)/ (72 + 64) ~ 71/136 ~ 52% K & S by weight.

My guess is, if I put it in a designated compost pile (making sure the chickens don't eat it, they like white stuff), and an earthworm or redworm takes a bite out of it (the KHSO4), it will be too strong for them.

But over time, with the rain etc., it will become diluted.

Or I could just mix it with hot water to try & make a solution, and pour that on the compost pile.

Anyway, I'm just wondering, for those of you with an interest in soil chemistry etc. - can I dispose of the KHSO4 safely by putting it on a compost pile ?

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plante1999 - 26-6-2013 at 05:27

It should do a good fertiliser if diluted, and throughgly neutralised. But if I were you, I would recrystalise it, dry it, and sell it on ebay or somewhere like this. It is used in fusion analysis, ore analysis, and in gold analysis in older test. It it also a suitable precursor for extraction of chromium from chromite ore. You could also try to sell it here, on sciencemadness.

Metathesis-izer - 28-6-2013 at 04:40

There's no 'Thanks' button so, Thanks !

$100 per kG for analytical grade.

Filling out forms is not my strong suit.

Were I to try and sell it publicly, would it invite a deluge of paperwork ?

/\ a good article delineating its uses.

You're not kidding, there's a lot of them. Maybe I'll hold it back from the compost pile.

However, it seems like the US gov. is sensitive about Nitric Acid, even if it's for Aqua Regia. Actually, some local governments are sensitive about small-scale gold-mining.

plante1999 - 28-6-2013 at 05:07

Potassium bisulphate is not something very dangerous, and I guess the goverment doesn't give a fuck about it, usually, non hazardous chemical can be sold on ebay or on sciencemadness without any paperwork, simply put it in a sturdy bottle with a suitable label, and sell it on ebay or sciencemadness. Potassium bisulphate is similar to sodium bisulphate, sold as pH - for pool, which is sold in large quantity, I don't think you have to worry at all.

Lambda-Eyde - 17-7-2013 at 11:05

Potassium sulfate is used in fertilizers. Neutralize it with KOH and you have it. The bisulfate is too acidic to be used.