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Looking for a Youtuber and/or Home chemist.

plante1999 - 14-7-2013 at 15:26

I have done quite a bit of reactions in the past, and some are reported on my website. I would like to find someone able to try out my procedures, and report back on text format, or youtube video if possible. It would help me improve my procedures, or to verify if I didn't forgot a crucial aspect in one of my experiment.

The link to my website is in my signature.

Thanks in advance.

Metacelsus - 14-7-2013 at 15:40

I could do some of them, but many require reagents and/or apparatuses that I don't have.

What I can do:

Chlorate cell (with sodium chlorate, MMO anode and Ti cathode)
Ferric chloride hexahydrate
Copper oxide (I haven't done it by your method (I start with copper sulfate, not copper metal), but I can try)
Sulfur from SO2 and H2S
Birkeland-Eyde process (once my NST that I ordered arrives, that is!)

plante1999 - 14-7-2013 at 15:51

If everybody do only what they can, I'm sure all of them will eventually be tested, I can help on every aspect of the experiments, finding material, etc.

take note that procedure in lab scale industrial processes are also to test!

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bfesser - 14-7-2013 at 16:38

Crap! I demand a recount. I meant to click on "I don't like to help people." :P

elementcollector1 - 14-7-2013 at 17:07

I can do a couple general-chem things, but it really depends on what's involved.

plante1999 - 14-7-2013 at 17:08

If you want to, you can read the experiments on the website, or the PDF on it, and choose something you can do and that you would like to do.

chemcam - 15-7-2013 at 10:03

I don't understand what you are asking.

You want people to pick an experiment from your website and duplicate it as a video and/or text?
They all seem to have been done by you and well documented already so I guess that is why I am confused.


You have experiments not on your website that you want someone to try out?
If it is this one I would help out as long as I have the required reagents, I am setting my lab back up, now that the holiday season is over.

I downloaded your PDF and I some what understand now. Are you looking for experiments from us to add to that book? I would do more mercury related experiments for you since I can't send you any of my Hg. I would do a specific process for the book about isolating bromine from sodium bromide if you want a specific way let me know, I could do other halogens as well. Certain primary or secindary energetics I would document as well, Acetylides or fulminates, no peroxides preferably. Hydrazine is still on my list to accomplish. If I am on the right track let me know. I am very interested in non energetic chem as well.

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Antiswat - 15-7-2013 at 12:56

about the whole book - experiments thing
you should add how to make acetone
you can make it by calcium acetate and the distill it at 160*C
calcium acetate you can use seashells and vinegar to get

also decomposition of plastics
as you might or might not know plastics are poly fuels, fx. poly propylene
if you heat these things up without air you will get varying and depending on plastic used a gas that should be able to cool down without much other than just ice to a liquid at room temperature, it might vary on what type of plastic you use

plante1999 - 15-7-2013 at 18:30

"You want people to pick an experiment from your website and duplicate it as a video and/or text?
They all seem to have been done by you and well documented already so I guess that is why I am confused."

Yes it is that, the idea in fact is simple, I have done the experiments, and the write up, but there was no external confirmation, as it is usually done in lab work. That is why I'm looking for people to replicate experiments.

If people want to make a collaborative book, I could arrange something, however, lab scale industrial processes, are mostly only directed to industrial process.

Antiswat, Acetone was planned to be put in the monstrous book Lab scale industrial processes III I'm writing, which when done, will be extremely long, around 1000 pages.

I do know about plastic pyrolisis, don't worry, however, most plastic else than a few exeption such as polystyrene do not give an interesting product, or desirable purity/yield of it.

ElectroWin - 16-7-2013 at 08:58

I'm interested to do ones that begin from having no special apparatus or reagents. I presently have no budget for equipment or reagents; and will need someone with a camera to record stuff.

particularly, making quicklime is probably feasible for me; i want to try making this within an unglazed clay pot with a lid, in a wood kiln, so that it avoids contamination from charcoal. and as the raw ingredient, i will use ashes from a wood fire after they are leached to remove lye.

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chemcam - 16-7-2013 at 09:24

Plante, I am interested in the Air Purification Process for Nitrogen but there are not enough details to go on from the book.
How fast can I pass air over the copper powder?
It only says 1g Cu = 850mL Nitrogen
How much carbon do I use to regenerate the Cu from CuO.
Also, the air is not only nitrogen and oxygen so does this really remove all the other things to give pure N?

I know how to work from this but our ideas might differ so if you tell me what you want then I know I am not wasting my time on this by having to redo it or something.

plante1999 - 16-7-2013 at 18:42

Pretty fast when the copper powder is hot enough, (more than 500 C), about the flow of a fish air pump. Stochiometry, each 63 of copper, 12g of carbon is needed. I thought I had said in the book it was for technical grade nitrogen, roughly 99%, the rest is noble gas and a tiny amount of CO2.

chemcam - 16-7-2013 at 18:56

Ok, you probably did say that but I wasnt looking at the book when I wrote that, just off memory sorry. Ill see about setting up an apparatus and getting some feedback from you.

plante1999 - 18-7-2013 at 17:01

I wait for your results!

If anyone want some help, I can furnish it! So, for the people wo actually want to test an experiment, what will it be?

PS: Anyone who make test will be rewarded by having is name/username under the said procedure.

plante1999 - 11-8-2013 at 04:51

Is anyone still up to it?

DrSchnufflez - 11-8-2013 at 05:04

I'll try out your procedures any time, I lack a decent video recording device though.

Nitro-esteban - 25-8-2013 at 18:18

Count me in for ANYTHING you need.
My web page is:

plante1999 - 26-8-2013 at 06:03

Well, if you could try procedures explained on my website, it would be nice of you.

Gooferking Science - 26-8-2013 at 06:48

I will help. What do I need to do? Link to my youtube channel is in my signature if you want to check it out.

plante1999 - 26-8-2013 at 06:58

Well, you can go on here:

And lurk around in the PDF and experiments area mostly, until you find something you would like to try.Then, you try it out, make a video or a report of it, and describe how things have gone, if improvement is needed etc...

plante1999 - 8-10-2013 at 04:04

If anyone is interested, I'm still looking.

PeeWee2000 - 11-10-2013 at 17:16

I'm down I've been looking for some possible youtube fame I got a decent camera too even have a tripod! My lab is in my barn so it might look kind of ghetto but I keep it fairly clean and all my equipment is decent quality and Ive got lots of chemicals to play with and a decent amount of funds allocated to my science projects.

I think I'll try some of the lead related experiments as I have a good source of bad lead acid cells that I can get for free.
Also Ive been meaning to try and concentrate some hydrogen peroxide but havent had any use for it so never got around to it but theres plenty of fun stuff you can do with it so I'll probably try that too.

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TheChemiKid - 23-10-2013 at 13:36

I can do simple inorganic experiments and organic syntheses. I have a limited supply of chemicals though.
I also have a camera that can film descent slow-motion if that is of use.
Why do you want to find home chemists though?

EDIT: Never mind, I understand what you want now, I hadn't seen your post when I wrote that. Would you be interested in other experiments?

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