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ubuntu apps thread

hyfalcon - 16-7-2013 at 05:29

Could someone kindly point me to a post made a few days ago about chemistry apps in the ubuntu program depository? For some reason:( I'm having trouble finding it again. I wonder why?

bfesser - 16-7-2013 at 08:17

I'm still trying to find this for you. Nothing to report yet.

[edit] Try these:
<strong><a href="viewthread.php?tid=7382&page=2#pid84863">Ghemical and associated Linux tools</a>
<a href="viewthread.php?tid=11906">Mathematical Notation Software?</a></strong>
<a href="viewthread.php?tid=7209&page=4#pid181555">untitled post</a>

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chemcam - 16-7-2013 at 09:32

These are the free science apps, scroll down for chemistry. They are in the community repository.

Linux Chem Apps - HUGE list

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mayko - 16-7-2013 at 10:21

I'm a fan of GChemPaint, a molecular structure drawer in the community repo.

hyfalcon - 16-7-2013 at 11:58

My apologies to all. I'm embarrassed to admit that the post I was looking for was on another forum entirely. I just found APC forum through a crosslink from a sciencemadness search. It was on this site that I had read the post. The OP was brimstoned over on APC. The body of the post was as follows:

I don't know how many members use Ubuntu Linux for their computing needs, but for those that do...there is a program in the software archives called "Kalzium".
This is an advanced periodic table that includes and equation balancer, a molecular modeler and even detailed elemental spectra data!
I'm finding it quite handy when formulating compositions!

Was driving me nuts trying to find this on here. I had searched back through 2 weeks of posts looking for the fool thing. DUHHH

Sorry for my dumbass.