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cutting shapes in metal with shaped charge

Practicaler - 3-12-2013 at 07:34

Hello everyone
I have a steel sheet half inch thick 36 inch in length and 36 inch in breadth and i want to cut a square from it of side 30 inch which is just located at its centre so want to ask which shaped charge i should use

Also I want to include in this can a thermite mixture can be made sticky which can be placed in a particular straight line over a vertically standing steel plate so that it can melt it in a straight line path .

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Metacelsus - 3-12-2013 at 10:49

Why don't you just use a saw (or other conventional means of cutting metal)?

If you want to use a shaped charge just for the hell of it, I would guess (from a theoretical standpoint) that a 36 inch long "W" shape should work. The jet would come out the bottom.

phlogiston - 3-12-2013 at 12:30

Maybe with strips of shaped charge, like this:

Bert - 3-12-2013 at 12:37

Use a plasma cutter if you just want to make neat cuts as quickly, safely and easily as possible.

Thermite will do a very rough job of cutting a plate. A pyronol torch might make the vertical cut you specify.
There are also linear versions of this device.

If you're trying to see what can be done with linear shaped charges for fun or educational reasons, we're going to go way off into applications, rather than chemistry and theory. Supposedly something that's not done here.

gregxy - 3-12-2013 at 16:26

Most auto shops will have an cutting torch and would do the job for a few dollars. Thermite in not good for cutting (despite what the 911 conspirators say) and a shaped charge would bend and mangle the plate.

Practicaler - 4-12-2013 at 02:57

Well no neat work is needed i want to do the work within few seconds so thermite Is good for my work . Will u please tell me some other ways to cut the metal within few seconds

Dany - 4-12-2013 at 03:11

Theoretically 4 linear shaped charges (LSC) arranged in a square and detonated simultaneously may cut a square of metal. however this is cumbersome and not easy to make such an arrangement. the 4 LSC should detonate at the same time which bring more difficulty.


Practicaler - 4-12-2013 at 03:15

Hey dany will you please tell me about lsc shaped charge i mean what material should I use to make it and how they can be arranged in square because they overlap and doesn't form a complete square

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Pulverulescent - 4-12-2013 at 05:05

Why don't you study the concept of LSCs in depth─to avoid injuring yourself?

WGTR - 4-12-2013 at 08:28

Another way to phrase this question is:

"How do you instantaneously cut a 30" square opening in a 0.5" thick piece of armor, big enough for a
man to step through?"

Not saying that's good or bad...

Practicaler - 5-12-2013 at 02:00

Nice way of asking the question but it seems kewl to me

Pulverulescent - 5-12-2013 at 04:51

Such irony . . . ?

Practicaler - 5-12-2013 at 07:57

Lets come back to topic please suggest me good way to cut the armor within few seconds

watson.fawkes - 5-12-2013 at 09:30

Quote: Originally posted by Practicaler  
Lets come back to topic please suggest me good way to cut the armor within few seconds
These "off-topic" comments you seem to be complaining about are not actually off the topic. They are indirectly asking you a question I'll ask explicitly: What is the relevance of your query to amateur science? It's certainly not obvious to me.

Frankly, you're starting to act like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, that is, knowing you're doing something inappropriate and afraid of the consequence of being seen at it.
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vulture - 5-12-2013 at 12:34

This discussion is too practical and you're asking to be spoonfed.

I hope you get to meet bubba without harming anybody else.