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Moderator Abuse

nehorlavazapalka - 5-4-2014 at 22:13

I have done nothing wrong, sure, you can have posters who ask how to make 500 ton TATP plastic nonsense mixtures. But you can't let me have a simple thread that compares the brissance of two materials. Like in thousands of threads here. Hell no.

I can legally buy several kilograms of ready made explosive, what's this with the kewl stuff? Hey, I just asked about brissance or DDT transition. It could not be any more technical than this.

You are a band of loose moderators, focused only on bossing and terror.

Enjoy your reign, here, psychos. In this death camp. Because I will not be comming back.

thesmug - 5-4-2014 at 22:43

Are you trying to say something? Is this a threat? Believe us you will not be missed.

Dornier 335A - 6-4-2014 at 00:16

I hope you do realize that "Discuss the theory, preparation, and initiation of energetic materials." doesn't mean "Ask if this three tonne cheddite bomb would work" or "Check here to make sure your thermobaric device will work". That's exactly why your threads have been locked. As thesmug said, you will not be missed.

DubaiAmateurRocketry - 6-4-2014 at 02:30

There is a new moderator here and he made clear how you should post. You're posting about old mixtures which have already works published in many places. You could have asked on the short-question thread.

forgottenpassword - 6-4-2014 at 04:19

He does have a point, though. Preventing a sensibly worded question ( from being answered by anyone unless the person who asked it pleads with the moderator who closed it for it to be reopened is rather difficult to rationalize - except in the way that as he has done.

Bert - 6-4-2014 at 05:47

Yes, I closed the thread. I didn't delete it.

B'fesser closed several others by the same author. I had nothing to do with those, but on review I can understand why he made his choices.

I also am VERY aware that a lot of marginal to worthless material has made its way into the Energetic Materials section over the last few years due to moderator inconsistency, inattention or burnout.

I both asked author to U2U me, and sent a U2U message requesting the same. He has not done this- I don't want PLEADING, I want this person to adhere to site policy. And I'm willing to listen to explanation or allow him to edit the post into something that is compliant and might teach others something useful.

I AM willing to re-open it... It was ALMOST a good thread. If the original poster would:

Give his sources (ideally with links, at least a name & page # if not online) for the mixtures, VOD's and any other data he refers to in passing? I've seen WAY too many posts here that ask for information but only contribute "I have searched the Internet" without showing WHERE. DOCUMENTATION! ALLWAYS!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

The sad fact is, I'm interested in the same things he is. I'd like to have brought this thread back online.

numos - 6-4-2014 at 08:20

There are two sides to this, but I see the logic behind closing the threads.

As Bert mentioned in this post, the problem with op's posts are they are so hypothetical "let's say" and "I would like to know, if..." This makes it difficult to guess what you need this info for.

Is it to blow up a mall? Or simply out of curiosity?

What doesn't make sense is you say you can legally buy several kg of explosives, correct me if I'm wrong, but this suggests that you have a license and a supplier. I'm fairly certain the supplier of the explosive would have a good understanding of the explosive he makes, maybe ask them?

The fact that op is a new member with only explosive inquiries doesn't help either.

Also, shouldn't this be in forum matters, or at least out of energetic materials?

Bert - 6-4-2014 at 08:36

I thought about moveing this to forum matters. OP probably SHOULD have put it there.

But if seeing it helps the kind of member/guest who would never bother to read the stickies, site policies or EVER look at "forum matters", maybe it does more good leaving this here?

Rosco Bodine - 6-4-2014 at 09:59

“A little learning is a dangerous thing.
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring;
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again.”

Alexander Pope 1688-1744, from An Essay on Criticism 1711

For a man in his early twenties living 300 years ago Pope obviously had some sense.

And during that 300 years since, the answers to the OP's lack of researched answers to the question about perchlorates could have been obtained with
honest searching of the literature, instead of starting yet another topic looking to be spoon fed like a little IT baby who hasn't learned yet that Google is your friend, and bitches and whines like a little crybaby when that FACT is declared. Knowledge is there for people who really look for it instead of just saying "gimme" like it is an entitlement they are owed.

So the OP isn't coming back, well boo hoo I'll try to bear up under the strain of separation anxiety somehow. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and tell all your friends with the same mentality to avoid this web address too.

Maybe have a little depth also. A lot of discussion about nitrates has caused them to be regulated almost out of existence, so what is the expected parallel result if the same discussion proceeds to perchlorates, indulging the same style of kiddie videos and youtuber mayhem that will inevitably invite regulation for spoonfeeding every kid knowledge they lack maturity to use or not use wisely.

Some knowledge should not come easy or be made so commonplace for those who can't be bothered or lack the depth to fill in the blanks for themselves.

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[Edited on 6-4-2014 by Rosco Bodine]

jock88 - 6-4-2014 at 14:15

"For a man in his early twenties living 300 years ago the Pope obviously had some sense."

Leave the the Pope out of this FFC!


Rosco Bodine - 6-4-2014 at 16:04

Perhaps the quote came to him while his head was nestled between the thighs of a writhing lonely French woman who tutored him in poetry and Latin and made him an attentive student and cunning linguist. Poets should never confess even if they are a Pope, when obviously the Greeks made him do it :D

Organikum - 6-4-2014 at 17:21

Quote: Originally posted by Rosco Bodine  
Perhaps the quote came to him while his head was nestled between the thighs of a writhing lonely French woman who tutored him in poetry and Latin and made him an attentive student and cunning linguist. Poets should never confess even if they are a Pope, when obviously the Greeks made him do it :D


Rosco, thats something unexpected from you, but hey! I like it!

best post on SCM since ages.


BromicAcid - 6-4-2014 at 17:25

Beautiful play on words. My favorite quote from Pope was:

"One science only will one genius fit, so vast is art, so narrow human wit."