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uk Ebay seller busted

Haber - 8-5-2014 at 05:48

I placed an order a while back from an ebay seller called musicalmatters. When i didnt recieve my item i contacted them and this is what they sent back:

"Hi, The police were told we were making drugs and they took two plus two and got five. If you google Liversedge & terror probe you'll see all about it. All chems packed up and due for sending and all stocks have been seized so all I could is refund you as accounts were unfrozen. Sorry about that. Big lesson for the amateur chemist. Regards ****."

I feel very sorry for these guys.
And if anyone else have ordered from them and havent got their items this is probably why.

Does anyone here know if they sold some sucpicous chemicals?

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Varmint - 8-5-2014 at 06:19

Frankly, we are getting to the point to where anything sold is "suspicious".

Governments have made huge strides in restricting freedom (a constant goal, the essence of government) by selling fear to their masses.

Gun control isn't about crime control, it's about the government removing any means for opposition to their plans to lock freedom up in a box and discard it to the depths of the Marianas Trench. In that regard, the UK is many years ahead of the US and other countries, but the one constant is, all government seeks to restrict opposition to it's use of power.

Newly elected representatives who go in with the hopes and dreams of restoring freedom are quickly re-educated to the actual role of government and steadily the sink into a lifestyle of being one of the elites, who by nature seek to isolate themselves and their lifestyles from those they originally considered their own kind.

To insure their continued isolation, they offer the ne're do wells the fruits of the labor of those who make something of/for themselves, and those seeking isolation know a vote from a parasite counts just the same as a vote from one who is productive.

The goal then is to attract as many parasites as possible, while providing lip service to those who produce, hoping those who produce don't understand where the planned path is taking them. Before long, you have more parasites than providers, and the elites are essentially immune, a cadre of parasites singing their praises to those who steal from the "evil rich" and give to them, the "unfortunate poor".

The fabulous part is fear works on both rich and poor, so you get a goodly number of votes from those who would otherwise never support you or your socialist constructs so long as you portend to "protect them".

Fear, it's what they are serving, better get used to it, it's the main course.


Burner - 8-5-2014 at 06:20

Unfortunately, that seller had a number of items that the US authorities would classify as "precursors" (eg. Benzaldehyde) or "key reagents" (eg. LAH, Nitromethane) for drug production. I suspect that the fact that they were selling Kratom also did not help! ;)

Mr_Magnesium - 8-5-2014 at 06:30

Acetic anhydride
Red phosphorus in-conjunction with an iodide salt

Sodium azide?!

Jesus they did that over 2-3years, pretty much had a lot of List A chemicals (Australia).

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Fantasma4500 - 8-5-2014 at 06:33

''the child reacts violently towards things that we would not usually see as a threat'

cant help but relate this to nearly all societies in this world -- chemphobia
and all other sorts of hypocrism

i recall also something alike ''the child does not think but rather reacts by impulses''
which is what animals do

another thing that might help understanding chemphobia would be that some people imply they know more the less they know, not sure why this actually occurs

however.. if they were making drugs or not, well thats the question

cant have the people earning more money than the common core has aimed for them to do, especially if they havent spend entire lives studying and agreeing with higher ranked authorities and not to mention paying taxes from the money they get from the drugs -- in case they really did make drugs

''suspicion of offences under the Explosives Act'
lets just hope they dont aim to charge them for having a half fertilizer granule laying about

Manifest - 8-5-2014 at 07:28

What is the likelihood of him getting his stock back if he is cleared?

Burner - 8-5-2014 at 07:46

^^^ If it was in the US, from what I have read recently, practically zip. We seem to be dealing with a particularly confiscatory police culture that does not seem to respect property rights too much.

Pickardjr - 8-5-2014 at 10:09

you guys hear that sound ? Its our freedom going down the toilet. Thing is though, some of that stuff can be made at home with some time and care. Suppression of science and church by government , always been like that and always will.

Scr0t - 9-5-2014 at 09:30

They also on occasion sold other suspicious chemicals like...

To cap that off they had well known reagents (already mentioned) to convert these to psychoactive drugs.

They also sold...
Acodin (DXM tablets) and some muscle relaxant that has been discontinued from use that I forget the name of.

I thought at the time that it was unwise for them to do this and expected they'd get busted. Shame.

Was this business intended as a cover for a drug manufacturing operation so that they could acquire dodgy precursor chemicals? is a valid question.
This is their fault, to sell chemicals like that to the general public is asking for trouble in this climate.

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FireLion3 - 11-5-2014 at 12:02

I'm surprised they are walking around free right now. Selling half of that stuff in the US will get you a bigger penalty than it would for selling the actual illicit substances themselves. If it were in the US that guy would be looking at 10-25 years. UK laws must be surprisingly lax.

annaandherdad - 11-5-2014 at 18:10

The BBC says they were held on suspicion of "possessing information useful to persons preparing or committing acts of terrorism." Something everyone on this forum is "guilty" of.

Texium - 11-5-2014 at 18:33

What do they consider to be "information useful to persons preparing or committing acts of terrorism?" That's so very vague...

Scr0t - 12-5-2014 at 05:54

I don't think they are same two people or cases...


Officers searched two properties on Halifax Road in Dewsbury and Penn Drive, Liversedge
The men, aged 42 and 43, are being held on suspicion of conspiracy to produce Class A drugs and offences under the Explosives Act.

compare with...


A 50-year-old-man arrested in Westminster is being questioned at a south London police station.A 57-year-old man arrested in Barnet has been released on bail until September.

Police said searches at two residential properties - in Westminster, central London, and Barnet in the north of the city - have now been completed.

It looks like musicalmatters is back tonight with a more limited range of chemicals and some glassware.

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APO - 8-6-2014 at 14:00

When I looked at there page, I saw benzaldehyde, hypophosphites, and iodine which are list I here. Along with some other watched chemicals and list II items such as many iodides, acetic anhydride, and some propionic derivative.

A fair amount of well known drug precursors, but mostly useful stuff like cyclopentanone, hexane, good solvents, reagents, etc.

I feel bad for them as well.

Scr0t - 9-11-2014 at 11:59

Just found an update on this case...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014
This is an update following the discovery of a number of chemicals at two addresses in Dewsbury and Liversdge in April this year.A 42 year old man from Dewsbury has been charged with possession of Class B drugs. He will appear before Kirklees Magistrates on Friday, October 31.
A 43 year old person from Liversedge who was arrested in connection with the investigation remains on police bail.

So one of them probably had a bit of cannabis (wild guess) and the other is still pending... the whole thing looks a bit overblown.

It has ruined their business though since they appear to be just selling off the stuff that wasn't seized and they're not getting many customers either.

Haber - 10-11-2014 at 11:01

Nice found Scr0t.

I agree it seems overblown considering they have not been charged with anything chemistry related, not yet atleast.