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Selling many supplies and chemicals

hkparker - 15-5-2014 at 16:00

Hello sciencemadness community,

It's been a while since I've been here. Some of you probably remember me from when I was active a few years ago, I had an outdoor lab and enjoyed home chemistry thoughout my last two years in highschool. I created this youtube channel and helped organize some collaborative videos around here. In the last few years I have moved away to school, and it seems having a home lab will be impractical for quite some time, so I am looking to sell most of my equiptment. A complete inventory with individual pictures is available here, and here is a picture of everything:

U2U me if you are interested in anything. I'm going to charge $10 flat for shipping on all orders under $100, shipping to the US only. I accept paypal or bitcoin for payment online. If you are making a large order and live between Eugene and Portland Oregon and would prefer to meet in person to avoid shipping let me know.


TheChemiKid - 15-5-2014 at 17:19

Wow, I am very interested in the opportunity. U2U sent.
Are you going to do chemistry again in the long run?

Zyklon-A - 15-5-2014 at 17:57

This is a great price, I wish it was for sale a long time ago when I started, cause I already have most of that glass, and likely most of the chemicals. What chemicals do you have?

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Rogeryermaw - 15-5-2014 at 18:07

u2u sent

Oscilllator - 16-5-2014 at 03:36

Those are incredibly good prices, I would probably buy lots if the international shipping wasn't so high :(

gdflp - 16-5-2014 at 06:36

U2U Sent

hkparker - 16-5-2014 at 11:09

I forgot how fast this community moves! Working through my U2Us right now, I'll get back to everyone soon. I also made an excel friendly spread sheet available here: At some point I'd like to have a small home lab again, or at least a respectable element collection, but I'll have to see where I end up after these next few years.

Rogeryermaw - 16-5-2014 at 11:47

don't you dare let that brilliant mind go to waste!!!

gdflp - 16-5-2014 at 11:52

Just so everyone knows the hyperlink doesn't work, just delete the period from the end of it to get it to work.

Rogeryermaw - 28-5-2014 at 15:18

got a package from hk on tuesday. super perfect on packaging. all glass was well wrapped and chems sealed. thanks hk!

The Volatile Chemist - 29-5-2014 at 08:54

Good to see you're still around! I got here after you left, but have been intrigued by your videos for quite some time! I cannot buy anything from you unfortunately (Parental restriction on on-line sales and purchases), but hope you get back to chemistry in a few years!

hkparker - 30-5-2014 at 19:48

At this point everything is claimed, thank you everyone! I'm amazed with how fast everything was sold, and glad to hear your package made it safely Rogeryermaw.

@The Volatile Chemist
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed my videos, I learned so much from making them, and looking back there are so many things I could have done better. But I wanted to document my learning experiences in the hope they help or inspire others, and being an active member of the community was a ton of fun.

I'll be checking in on whimsy soon when I get the time. I'd love to hear what everyone has been up to the last few years and answer any questions.

Til then, cheers!


hkparker - 16-7-2014 at 19:36

Hello everyone,

Looks like some items I thought were claimed are actually not, so I've got a few more items to sell, mostly chemicals.

Sodium Bromide, ~400g
Sodium Bisulfate, ~400g
Sodium Hydroxide, ~350g
Potassium tert-butoxide, 500g, reagent grade
Ammonium hydroxide, concentrated, ~250ml
Potassium Hydroxide, ~10g
Cobalt Carbonate, 50g
Nickel Sulfate, 50g
Antimony Trisulfide, 500g
Dextrin, 1lb
Red gum, 1lb
Copper Sulfate pentahydrate, 1Lb
Lab stand, 19“, good condition
Sodium Persulfate, ~500g
Strontium Carbonate, ~500g
Vanadium Pentoxide, 50g

According to my original spreadsheet that all comes out to $161, but I'm interesting in selling everything as one lot, so it's all going for $130 (free shipping). U2U me if you are interested, thanks!

Rich_Insane - 17-7-2014 at 10:41

I actually live in Portland! Could you U2U me a list of what is available? There are a few reagents I really need.