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Nickel Powder

Forest Innovations - 21-9-2014 at 07:58


Would anybody be able to advise me on the acquisition/production of Ni powder? I'm needing something around the 10 - 20 um size for some sintering experiments, however purchasing it at these dimensions is a horrendous price.
I've been successful in reducing 100 um Fe powder (which is relatively cheap to buy) down to under 20 um using an old blender of my wife's, to mechanical reduction of the Ni should be possible. The issue i'm having is getting Ni powder that is even remotely near these sizes.

Thank you.

Haber - 21-9-2014 at 09:36

Maybe it would work to reduce nickel ions with ascorbic acid to nanosized nickel powder. I know it works with copper but I have no idea if it does with nickel.

aga - 21-9-2014 at 09:42

Grind your dust between two plates of Nickel.

That *might* work.

kristofvagyok - 21-9-2014 at 10:15

I think you would like to make Urushibara nickel or Raney nickel. Both have really small particle size and RaNi is pyrophoric.

Raney nickel is made from nickel-aluminium alloy by reacting it with sodium-hydroxide and the prepared nickel should be stored under water or something, that will prevent it from atmospheric oxygen.

Urushibara nickel is made from nickel salts, usually nickel(II)-chloride or nickel(II)-sulfate. These are reduced to form elemental nickel by the reaction with metallic zinc.

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