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Sciencemadness is moving!

Polverone - 17-3-2005 at 02:21

We are nearing the end of this month's bandwidth allocation here (again), so I will tell you the temporary "raw" address of the new site:

Of course I need to get the domain name moved over to the new site before everything will work properly, and I haven't yet moved our files over. I just want everybody to know this address in case the current site goes down because of bandwidth overage before the domain name gets changed over. Tomorrow I will probably shut down the forum for a while so I can cleanly transfer its database over to the new site.

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Re: Problems with bandwidth......

solo - 17-3-2005 at 06:44

Polverone, sorry to see this great forum having problems, would implementing a donation window for those that are willling to help with the expense of maintaining the forum healthy with plenty of bandwidth to assure future growth, be a good idea?

I'm sure many of the members here and visitors have found this forum valuable with information and a place to clarify concepts and refine ideas for personal projects. Maintaining this forum active is very important to all of us and I'm sure there would be a lot of co-operation.........solo

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Blind Angel - 17-3-2005 at 07:19

We are starting to be a kinda big community, i'm pretty sure that a small paypal button or just an option on the front page/top menu wouldn't mind many. Anyway, it's up to you...

P.S.: (no link with the topic, simple reflexion) I think you should be proud of this board, it's a great achievement (According to me)

BromicAcid - 17-3-2005 at 15:43

Is this a permanant move or just something to tide us over till the remainder of the month? If it is going to be out new home, is it with a different host, one with a higher bandwith :D

Polverone - 17-3-2005 at 17:17

It's a permanent move. I can put the old Sciencemadness hosting package to a new use. I believe that we have 2 GB of disk and 80 GB/month of bandwidth with the new provider. Unfortunately, there's a glitch with the account right now (you get a 404 if you click on the link I posted above) that I am waiting to be resolved. I may have to freeze the forum soon just so there's enough bandwidth left to do the transfers. I'm not going to request that the DNS for point to the new site until the content is safely transferred.

Sciencemadness has moved!

Polverone - 18-3-2005 at 16:30

With less than 3 hours of downtime (I think), we have successfully switched hosts. If you are having problems logging in to the board, you may need to clear cookies from your browser and try again. I hope that I will soon be able to get the domain name pointed at this new server, but it's not too much inconvenience if it takes a while.

It is good to be here! We had used 9200 of our monthly 10000 MB transfer limit on the old site before I disabled the forum and moved it over here. Here, we have a transfer limit of 80000 MB per month, so it should be a while before we hit a wall again.

Even more than the need for a bandwidth upgrade, though, I was frustrated by the lack of responsiveness from our old host, Bravidio. I had sent their sales department an email last weekend about buying a 25 GB/month plan, and they still haven't responded. So I was careful about choosing a new host. I didn't want to pay a lot, but neither did I want lousy service. Our new host, <A HREF="">Micfo</A>, has been highly recommended by just about every review site I could find. I would say that the review sites are correct: they're great! We're paying ~$12 per month (one year paid in advance) for 2 GB of disk space and 80 GB of monthly data transfer, plus goodies like SSH access and plenty of preinstalled software. Even better, though, they have a highly responsive online technical support system. I had several questions and minor problems in setting the site up, and it never took more than about an hour to get a reply from tech support, even late at night.

I have a good feeling about the future!


Organikum - 18-3-2005 at 16:40

Ok. But I am first back! :P
After Polverone is understood, but that was unavoidable ;)



Phel - 18-3-2005 at 16:55


We're paying ~$12 per month

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but does the money come from your own pocket?
By the way, I have sent you an email, don't know if you got it? (edit: I see you did :))

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Joeychemist - 18-3-2005 at 16:56


Org, your allways first:P

While the board was down I wondered into our library and noticed all the new books S.C Wack has provided. But apparently the download option was turned off to save on the other forums limited bandwidth. Will you now be turning that option back on?

I have my eye on Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry, and am just dying to get my hands on it

Polverone - 18-3-2005 at 17:20

Actually, it was BromicAcid's bandwidth being conserved. Since I had pretty limited disk space and bandwidth on the old site, he helped out by hosting our scanned documents from the library. But he too had only 10 GB per month of data transfer, and the library quickly brought him near his limits. I think that the library may be moved to this server now that we have a lot more disk space and data transfer available. It may be a few days before the Library documents are hosted here and the indices are properly updated, though.


I just saw and responded to your email. Yes, I am paying for the new hosting out of my own pocket, as I have always done for Sciencemadness. However, during the recent bandwidth crisis several people offered to donate a little bit of money to help with running this site, so if I am lucky, hosting won't cost me very much at all this year :)

Eliteforum - 21-3-2005 at 08:31

Do you have a paypal addy I can send a few quid off to Polverone?

JohnWW - 25-3-2005 at 13:52

The "library" page still has not been reinstated at the new site address. Where is it?

Polverone - 25-3-2005 at 17:27

I haven't changed URLs for things because the DNS should be updated Real Soon Now, and then all the pages will work like they did before.

BromicAcid - 30-3-2005 at 07:20

Being that there are only two days left to the month and I have nearly a gig left of bandwith, I have reinstated access to the library, although I'm assuming there is somekind of backup of people who want to download so I don't think a gig will even last me two days. Enjoy.

The_Davster - 1-4-2005 at 15:34

I am not really sure where to put this so I will just do it here. I recieved this screen today when going to the address, but once I pushed refresh all was fine again.

neutrino - 1-4-2005 at 15:43

I had the same problem, but it didn't clear up immediately.

Polverone - 1-4-2005 at 18:28

I'm not sure what has caused that. I have posted a query about it on the Micfo message boards.