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DPPP and other issues.

Ramiel - 3-5-2005 at 00:11

DPPP or <html><i>How your friend Ramiel dropped you in the shit.</i>

Recently, Wikipedia has allowed an edit from the acetone peroxide page to a new DPPP page.
<a href="">Said DPPP page</a> is a practical discussion of the synthesis. Subsequently the page has been marked for deletion (Fair enough from the public's point of view).

Now, I don't care what you believe Wikipedia's Charter in this brave new world of ours is - but I put it to you guys that we should try and remedy the situation. I have made a number of summaries for Polverone in the past (no matter how selfish I’ve been with my time lately) and I think it would be really awesome if we, as a community, contributed a rigorous, scientific and encyclopaedically valid entry such (hopefully without violating the patent holder's rights).
It would allow all of us here to define our niche as responsible amateur chemists (who still stick it to the man by being <i>interested</i> in naughties like DPPP :D;) )

If the page hasn’t already been updated, this is what I had to say on the ‘votes for deletion page’, just for kicks. As you can see, I have already kind of committed myself. Oh, I kind of talked myself up a bit too much, for that I apologise, but it was a white lie, right?

<b>Abstain</b> I feel the need to put in my two cents worth;
May I draw your attention to the exhaustive (but still amateur) discussion of diPhoro-Penta-peroxide on the pages: . You have to remember that many of the members there have no formal chemical education (and although many do, including myself, there is a lot of dilly-dallying). A few things become clear during the long discussion; After three native German speakers with formal chemical educations examined the patent, in addition to the review of literal and non-literal translations into English: it was determined that the patent is very vague on the process, and key steps and methods are [opinion: deliberately] omitted. Basically, the patent does not provide a <i>formal method of synthesis</i>.

The synthesis here is also very unscientific, irresponsible and possibly a copy violation. That being said, I would like to change the article so it can be kept. From a chemistry major, this kind of thing is pretty interesting [strange to you probably!]
I am suggesting collaboration between aforementioned proper scientists and Wiki to create an <i>encyclopaedic</i> article, with as little reference to synthesis as possible. Would you all be prepared to keep the article if it were changed from a backyard syth. page to an article discussing the actual compound? Keeping in mind that all information was researched independently, and often factually verified by many people at university facilities - if you were worrying about verisimilitude.

‘Ramiel’, moderator, Chemistry Major.

<i>post sans</i>
[edited out random criticism of ignorant member of the public and kewls]

Joeychemist - 3-5-2005 at 00:26


Hideki really doesn’t give up does he? What a tard:P

I think that it is a great idea to re-write his page so that not only will it be permitted to stay, but also so as to not misinform any one who happens accross the page.:)

Ramiel - 3-5-2005 at 00:33

Is that really Hideki?! It would be some kind of justice if we enforced Wikipedia against him... kind of like a blow from beyond the grave i guess :D;):D

You think it's a good idea too? Thanks for volunteering Joeychemist! ;)

Yea, one of the dangers with that synth that's up there is that it doesn't give any good instruction. One might look on editing the page as a moral issue - poor kewls will blow their hands off...

Joeychemist - 3-5-2005 at 00:45

Yes that is Hideki, (or J scan, or whatever he wants to be called), He posted the same procedure and pics on his free webs site.

Ok Ramiel, I will volunteer, but I’m taking you with me. ;):D

Rosco Bodine - 3-5-2005 at 05:49

What a grand public display of an obsession :D , the poor dear :( .

Adjustments to the medication have evidently brought some improved clarity to the expressions of the delusion ,
or sleight of hand . The magician moves
quickly , don't look too closely and you won't see the residual peroxide that tells the true story . And if you should cast a discerning eye , pay no attention to the man behind the curtain ........

for I am the great and wonderful OZ ! ;):D


Oh no , it's another class in " creative stoichiometry " for the advocates of the
" unbalanced " equation !

Hear ye , hear ye , court is in session .

All come to order for the right honorable
magistrate Mackowiak , who this day
is the the defendant found guilty and sentenced to be hanged for high crimes
against science and mathematics !

Hangman !

Better cinch that rope tightly .

For he's a slippery bad adder , that one ,
and given an inch of slack , he is sure to get away , perhaps escaping to the nearest ......

online encyclopedia ! :o:D:D

PainKilla - 3-5-2005 at 10:40

He is going down... We should register on Wikipedia (I am) and vote for deletion... assuming that is possible.

You have to give him one thing, he is one ambitious and never gvives up, though he is a fool for it. We will soon see on the local news channel how to synthesize DPPP :).

neutrino - 3-5-2005 at 11:48

Or the remains of this fool following his procedure…

"Hideki wa ahou ga no desu..."

sparkgap - 3-5-2005 at 20:20

Don't you think this speaks volumes on how little effort the people at Wikipedia take to scrutinize proposed entries? :( Well, that, or the chemistry "experts" there are wanting...

Corrective action is most certainly required for this situation. Oh, and let's make sure this action of the Sciencemadness community hits this damned fool up his own bollocks.

Nothing else to add...

sparky (~_~)

P.S. Ramiel, how'd you find this heinous travesty?

cyclonite4 - 3-5-2005 at 21:01

He probably found it when he was updating the Wikipedia entry for Mad Scientist. Check the bottom-most link at the page :D

sparkgap - 3-5-2005 at 21:13

Wikipedia is not a site I visit frequently. :D

I wonder how many of us actually fit the "stock description" mentioned in the entry? :P

sparky (~_~)

P.S. Holy, we're getting more (in)famous than before...

Silentnite - 4-5-2005 at 15:12

Wiki is meant to be an open place just like that. It is thought that by leaving it open for posting and open for correcting that a jury of peers so to speak will rule on any offending entries. So no, not neccessarily the best place to go for research, but it can give you a place to start.

Honestly, the lengths some people will go to. The synth just doesn't work...:P

PainKilla - 16-5-2005 at 15:08

We Won :).

gerkin - 23-5-2005 at 16:53

im no good at chemistry however i read throught that mega 35 page thread and just to get something straight does dppp exist or is it just acetone peroxide? how come in tests it appeared more powerfull, would it be worth making this "dppp" over ap for detonaters ect.

The_Davster - 23-5-2005 at 17:00

The tests presented which showed DPPP as more powerfull were all done by Hideki who is not trustworthy. Further experiments by rosco and others here essentially showed that "DPPP" is essentially AP with an impurity giving it color and entrapped water.

In short DPPP may exist, but the procedure presented in the Macowiak patent and in Hideki's "research" just seem to make impure AP.

gerkin - 24-5-2005 at 04:02

thanks alot ill stick to my ap then, thats shocking that they got a patent on a method that doesnt work :mad:

neutrino - 24-5-2005 at 13:11

Patents aren't hard to get. The members of this board have seen countless patents over the years that were complete BS. For an example of some of these patents, just look at the one about picking things up with your knees… I don’t have the number offhand, but I know it’s there.