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Quince - 6-6-2005 at 22:31

Is there anything interesting I can do with a tantalum rod?

uber luminal - 7-6-2005 at 06:42

send it to me. or make it into foil.

Pyridinium - 7-6-2005 at 10:03

It's very resistant to various forms of attack (making it almost as good as platinum for some uses) and makes a good electrode material. I think only HF will really attack it.

I'm jealous. I want some tantalum metal too.

unionised - 7-6-2005 at 13:04

You can anodise it and thereby turn it pretty colours.

Quince - 7-6-2005 at 15:11

I got it from's orphan bin, as I was buying tungsten pieces and didn't have anough stuff for the minimum order. I figured I'd get some tantalum and find a use later...

Scratch- - 7-6-2005 at 19:34

I got some out of some large capacitors, although I think it was mostly oxide. I tried using it as electrodes to electrolisize water with an electrolyte and it turned the solution neon yellow, kinda like cheap sports drinks.

BromicAcid - 7-6-2005 at 19:48

Tantalium is one of the best base metals to coat with PbO2 for use in a chlorate/perchlorate cell.

Quince - 7-6-2005 at 21:56

Interesting. Now to find PbO2...

Hellhound - 23-6-2005 at 15:56

PbO2 could be obtained from lead batteries. The problem is that it's mixed with PbSO4. To get almost pure PbO2 battery must be fully charged:P

mick - 26-6-2005 at 09:49

tantalum is resistant to consant boiling HCl

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Quince - 26-6-2005 at 16:17

So if I found an old car battery that could still be charged, I should be able to get PbO2 from it?

12AX7 - 26-6-2005 at 16:49

Could. Can also anodize Pb with H2SO4, although it doesn't seem to get too thick. I've been able to anodize lead in KClO3 solution with various other additives (acetic acid, sodium bicarbonate, chromates and sulfates, etc...) and, leaving it on for a long time without stirring, lead hydroxide/carbonate builds up on it. Eventually it anodizes to brown PbO2, at which point the loose material can be shaken off and the electrode can be anodized some more, I used a sodium chloride solution and freed some brown powder. It appears to make more than what's on it, until it wears off and finally passivates.