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bigstone90 - 5-7-2005 at 10:01

Have you ever wonderd of the big bang theory? It seems to make sense until you ask yourself " How did it happen?" "Where did the gases neccesary for the explosion come from?" and
" how can you get something like that from nothing?"
If anyone has any ideas on this, please reply

neutrino - 5-7-2005 at 10:37

The theoretical physicists are still working on these questions. There are many strange theories out there, you might want to take a look at some of them.

Marvin - 6-7-2005 at 01:05

The problem with 'how do you get something like that from nothing' is that time was also in effect created by the bang. So there is no before the bang to have nothing.

The gasses didnt form until after the bang, its a massive energy event where the energy concentration is so high the line between matter and energy becomes blurry.

Let me give a little example. If you melt an object the liquid is in a higher energy state than the solid. It stays liquid so long as the energy is maintained in the same place. Boiling something has the same rules. If you carry on the increase in temperature the next highest energy state is plasma, where neutral atoms are in equilibrium with ions and free electrons. If you make the mixture even hotter you can get pair formation happening, that is electrons and positrons forming in pairs or protons/antiprotons at higher energies. Its the reverse of a matter antimatter anhialation. Put enough energy in and you get an area where forms of high energy like gamma rays are in equilibrium with matter/antimatter in a sort of particle soup often refered to perhaps inaccuratly as an ambiplasma.

Cosmology is current in a bit of a mess but for me its better than the 'god did it' non answer.