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synthesis of 1-cyanocyclohexene

Vaidotas - 26-1-2006 at 14:58

May some one give good synthesis if 1-cyanocyclohexene from cyclohexanone?
thank guys!!!!

runlabrun - 26-1-2006 at 18:18

from what starting material? you can start from a whole list of things. And what access to chems, equiptment and knowledge have you got?


unionised - 29-1-2006 at 07:10

Presumably from cyclohexanone; because that's what he said.
My first thought would be dehydration of a cyanohydrin (actually, my first thought was "someone wants help with their homework").

Marvin - 29-1-2006 at 09:48

PCl5 will turn a ketone in a geminal dichloride.

Elimination of either one, in either direction would make the same 1-chloro hexene, so if this is facile the yeild should be high, would treatment of this with sodium cyanide go to the product?

Can't say if this is a good method.

Esplosivo - 29-1-2006 at 09:59

How would you go about eliminating just one of the two geminal chloro groups? I guess it would be rather difficult, but I'm not sure.