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DFliyerz - 19-2-2015 at 16:06

Theoretically, could there be a chemical compound that could burn hotter than dicyanoacetylene with oxygen? It's so close to the surface of the sun, and that would be a huge achievement!

Metacelsus - 19-2-2015 at 20:13

Yes: dicyanoacetylene with ozone.

(Yes, ozone is oxygen, but not the normal variety.)

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Trotsky - 21-2-2015 at 00:36

More doable for an average person (well, I suppose very few average people have dicyanoacetylene) would be an O2-O3 blend, certainly safer than trying with pure O3.

Is there a way to calculate burn temp for C4N2 + O3 theoretically?


Dornier 335A - 21-2-2015 at 07:23

Yes, with chemical equilibrium. The temperature of combustion is so high, CO/O2/O/C/NO is favoured instead of CO2. This means that at atmospheric pressure, the stoichiometric mixture of C4N2 and O3 is far from the hottest. My equilibrium program calculates the temperature to be a little over 4600 K for a wide range of stoichiometries - from 1:1 to 2:1 (O3:C4N2 molar ratio) It maxes out at about 4640 K when the ratio is 1.7:1.

If the pressure is increased to let's say 100 kbar, a typical pressure for a condensed phase detonation, the temperature jumps up to a ridiculous 7950 K for a 3:2 ratio.

Praxichys - 21-2-2015 at 11:42

Heh. Someone should test an oxyliquit using dicyanoacetylene or cyanogen as fuel.

PHILOU Zrealone - 22-2-2015 at 06:34

N#C-C#C-C#C-C#N should perform better
Or if you use N2O or NO2 (N2O4) in the place of O2

DeIonizedPlasma - 22-2-2015 at 14:02

Since we're on the topic of unrealistic situations involving strong oxidizers, why not continue on and suggest the inevitable ClF3? I'm sure someone will come along and correct me, but isn't ClF3 the strongest oxidizer known? It also seems that someone else has proposed this in the past, in an interesting patent.

chemister2015 - 26-2-2015 at 16:54

What temperature of combustion does mixture dicyanoacetylene with fluorine have?

PHILOU Zrealone - 3-3-2015 at 05:02

This tread was initially in "Energetic Materials", and following me it belongs there and not here in "Beginnings".

This speaks about energetic fuels.
I will write more on this later in this tread.