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Making Platinum Electrodes

Detonationology - 5-5-2015 at 10:23

For several months now, I have been quite interested in making a chlorate and perchlorate cell; however, I have been deterred by the cost of platinum and platinum elecroplated electrodes. What is the most viable route to electroplating platinum onto copper or titanium strips? What Pt salt is most accessible, lowest cost and yields the most metallic platinum?

MrHomeScientist - 5-5-2015 at 10:35

I think hexachloroplatinic acid is the go to candidate for this sort of reaction, if I remember right. Your answers may lie somewhere in the Technochemistry subforum!

jock88 - 5-5-2015 at 11:16

By the time you purchase enough Pt salts to make the anode (and probably not succeed in making the thing anyways) you will have a Pt anode purchased.

szuko03 - 5-5-2015 at 11:59

It just seems that with perchlorate being so cheap its almost not worth it. I understand that simply obtaining something is why people do things but Platinum is pricey and not something I would want to buy to experiment with I mean not until I have done the same types of experiments with less costly materials.

Also if someone can get precious metal salt that yields a greater monetary value of its elemental form after extracting at a consumer level I want to be the first to know please :)

phlogiston - 5-5-2015 at 12:54

It is not straightforward to get a good plating. Someones struggles with this have been documented on this forum before IIRC.
Furthermore, you will need an excess of the solution to make a plating bath large enough to submerge your anode and avoid depleting it too rapidly while plating (you'll want the composition of the bath to remain more or less constant).

If you are just after the (per)chlorate as cheaply as possible, don't take this route. The amount of money you will spend setting up and perfecting the process will afford you several ready-made anodes.
Its a nice challenge though.

papaya - 5-5-2015 at 13:29

It's also should be possible to make "clad" Pt anodes, if you own some length of Pt wire (from some type of thermocouples). Pt is soft so it'll be possible to hammer the wire into some kind of foil and then everything is clear I think. One trouble will be Pt's high resistiance, but this one could overcome with shorter pieces of wire all connected to a common joint.

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Detonationology - 5-5-2015 at 13:31

It is certainly a costly gamble to attempt to make my own electrodes, indeed. I want to be able to make my own KP without having to rely on online pyro suppliers, but I suppose that the best bet would be to keep my eyes out for a decently priced anode on ebay (unless someone can inform me of a more economical and reputable source).

jock88 - 5-5-2015 at 14:40

An old Pt crucible is the way to go for a serious anode imo.

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hyfalcon - 5-5-2015 at 18:20

Paint and bake your Pt salts onto your titanium substrate and add some Ru salts in along with it.

Detonationology - 5-5-2015 at 19:23

How thick must the Pt plate layer be in order to be effective? What is the approximate minimum amount of Pt needed per square inch in order to have a decent anode that isn't going to smudge off after 1 use?

hyfalcon - 6-5-2015 at 01:57

Read grasshopper:

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