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Any Canadians on this site still doing home chemistry?

MercuryTelluride - 3-8-2015 at 17:11

As a fellow Canadian I'm curious to know if anyone is still practicing home chemistry in Canada?:)

Hawkguy - 3-8-2015 at 17:12

Hell yeah!

blargish - 3-8-2015 at 20:25

No doubt buddy

diddi - 3-8-2015 at 23:25

there are several I know of. you would be best to posts topics of interest to yourself and they may choose to get involved. some are very skilled in the trade as well I might suggest :)

softbeard - 5-8-2015 at 13:18

Sure thing, eh? Why would you think Canadians stopped doing home chemistry, eh?