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facile preparation of MeOTs - need refs

Intergalactic_Captain - 31-1-2016 at 07:52

Simple enough, over the years there have been plenty of instances here where someone chimes in and says that No, you don't need a tosyl halide to prepare MeOTs - you can just react methyl orthoforate or trimethyl borate with p-TsOH and distill the product out.

I don't have access to my old databases anymore, and my google-fu seems to have dwindled - so, does anyone, especially the ones who have touted the idea, have any legitimate references, private or published, on this reaction? I'm primarily interested in that from trimethyl borate, as it's less well known but well parroted nonetheless.

I plan on doing some experimentation in the near future, but any tips/tricks/relevant data would be greatly appreciated before I attempt to reinvent the wheel.