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Blowout sale

stoichiometric_steve - 14-3-2016 at 20:01

Guys and gals, i've had it.

If you're from Europe, have a little bit of cash to spend and a van about the size of a Volkswagen model T4 or T5, feel free to drop me a U2U.

I'm letting go of all my chemical stock, a part of which i have listed for sale here, but another part is unlisted and even more interesting.

The retail value of this collection runs in the 5 figures, so don't sleep on this.

EDIT: Bring boxes, wrapping material and a sense of humour. I'll help packing things up, of course.

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ganger631 - 15-3-2016 at 00:00

Going to quit this part time business over some fktard trying to pull a fast one? You should really rethink over it.

stoichiometric_steve - 15-3-2016 at 14:00

I will stay available for my beloved regulars, don't worry.