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CRT glass & Phosphors

Romix - 26-6-2016 at 18:20

On internet alot of info saying that, CRT glass contains lead, strontium and barium? True?

I saw videos, where people dissolve glass in NaOH.
75% of which is silicon dioxide, and sodium and calcium additives.

Whould this method work for CRT glass.
Sure it will dissolve silicon, what about lead, strontium and barium?

Phosphors, what they made of?
From 24 CRTs of various sizes. Bit over an OZ.
Soluted in hydrochloric acid, colorless solution, smelling of H2S.

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[Edited on 27-6-2016 by Romix]

DoctorOfPhilosophy - 26-6-2016 at 18:33

Regarding the smell of H2S, that sounds like zinc sulfide reacting with your acid. Be careful!

This says all phosphors have yttrium and europium; can be precipitated with oxalic acid somehow.