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Free Stuff! To Wisconsin member in good standing

BromicAcid - 29-6-2016 at 15:59

Ten years... ten long years since this thread:

Back when I moved to Wisconsin I tried to find someone who wanted my glassware and other odds and ends I had accumulated over the years, but no takers. I didn't have time for eBay and I couldn't bring myself to toss the glassware (and I couldn't legally throw away the chemicals). Over the years I have brought many of the chemicals to the Clean Sweep they do in my area for hazardous waste disposal so that has been pretty much depleted, but I still have the glassware. I just shuffled around the tote today and was wondering if there was anyone 'nearby' that wanted what remained of my chemistry collection.

I live in Sheboygan and will drag it pretty much anywhere in the state (making a road trip out of it). U2U me if interested. I am giving this away to any member in good standing, if I cannot find one I will move onto eBay.

Shipping is... currently out of the question, probably weighs 50 lbs.

BromicAcid - 29-6-2016 at 16:00

I also have the industrial scrubber that I built on a whim a few years back, I would toss (foist) that in too.

Praxichys - 30-6-2016 at 05:33

I live in Michigan near Detroit, about 7 hours from Madison. I can meet you halfway if you want to meet southeast of Chicago. Or, I could throw you a couple hundred bucks to pack it into some boxes and ship it. You got an approximate list of what's in there?

Is this the stuff featured in the book?

BromicAcid - 30-6-2016 at 12:54

That would be doable, I will wait to see if there is anyone closer and contact you via U2U.

BromicAcid - 2-7-2016 at 05:24

Giving this a bump for the weekend crowd.

BromicAcid - 29-4-2022 at 16:27

Bumping this thread to see if there's any interest newly generated in the last 6 years.

SWIM - 29-4-2022 at 19:11

Quote: Originally posted by BromicAcid  
I also have the industrial scrubber that I built on a whim a few years back, I would toss (foist) that in too.

I remember that scrubber project.
That in and of itself would be a real boon to anybody who lives in a high density area and needs to deal with the output of a fume hood.

I also really appreciate your position and hope this works out for you.

Is this post pinned? It sure ought to be. At least for a while.

edit: looks like the term is stickied here, but ya'll know what I mean.

Yeah, I know you don't sticky much stuff here, but this is freakin' Bromic Acid!
Anybody that consistently helpful over all those years must deserve a little consideration. Especially in a good cause.
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Fantasma4500 - 12-5-2022 at 12:17

contact an US based ebay glassware seller

tetrogen - 13-8-2022 at 20:18

If this stuff is somehow still available, I know a fellow university friend who may be interested. Near the Milwaukee area.

PirateDocBrown - 14-8-2022 at 00:10

I'm in St Paul, MN, just across the border.

BromicAcid - 24-1-2023 at 14:25

Picked up! Thanks for the space!

j_sum1 - 24-1-2023 at 16:57

What a saga.
Ok to close the thread now?