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FS (US) LAH, Allyl Br, MeNO2, Kontes 5L 3 neck

tommy claisen - 1-7-2016 at 13:55

Hello friends,

The following are for sale:

100g lithium aluminum hydride- $100
Reagent grade, sealed in can

250g allyl bromide- $90
99.9%, from DaeJung Chemicals (Korea)

1L nitromethane- $75
ACS reagent ≥95%, from Sigma

40g mercuric chloride- $30

500g NaI- $70

5L Kontes Borosilicate flask- $90
3 neck, center neck 45/50, 2x side necks 24/40 (angled, not parallel with center neck)

Prices include shipping to US only. I would consider shipping the flask worldwide, send me a message and I can provide a shipping quote. Payment accepted through PayPal. I can list the item for the buyer on eBay but the prices would be slightly higher due to their fees.

Thanks for looking.


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[Edited on 1-7-2016 by tommy claisen]

tommy claisen - 4-7-2016 at 05:22

LAH, HgCl2 sold. Thank you!

Acuyo - 8-7-2016 at 17:29

I ordered Saturday the 2nd and it showed up today - not bad considering Monday was a holiday so it wasn't shipped until Tues. (today is Friday). Product looks great.

Thanks Tommy!