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Low Density NH4NO3 Source

energeticone - 21-9-2016 at 12:38


woelen - 21-9-2016 at 13:14

Be more specific, I do not understand what you mean with low density in this context.

hissingnoise - 22-9-2016 at 00:39

It may mean the porous form used to absorb fuel as ANFO?

Molten NH4NO3 slightly above its decomposition point (care?) solidifies to the light, porous form!

energeticone - 25-9-2016 at 07:21


Jstuyfzand - 25-9-2016 at 07:41

Be more specific damnit!

zwt - 25-9-2016 at 08:16

energeticone, it's unlikely anyone will share their source for what amounts to "explosives grade" ammonium nitrate in response to that quality of posting (and minimal posting history). But, just so you don't go home empty-handed, here's some dubious and unreferenced information from Wikipedia:
It was found by the IRA, in response to using low-brisance AN fertilizers, that "hot spots" can be created by blending powdered sugar into the ANFO mixture, effectively sensitizing the mixture to mining-standard prilled ammonium nitrate effectiveness in which the interaction of the detonation front with a spherical void concentrates energy. Blasting-grade AN prills are typically between 0.9 and 3.0 mm in diameter.

Bert - 25-9-2016 at 08:59

Have yout a federal high explosives license...

zed - 26-9-2016 at 13:43

Easy enough to make some, I'm sure.

But, this ain't just a little dope, that yer askin' about.

It's in the explosives and poisons category, and I don't usually share that kinda stuff, with anonymous utopians.

Perhaps a humorous anecdote about your actual locale, would allay our suspicions?

Yeah, utopian....look it up.

Time passes. Zzzzzzzzz.

P.S. Utopia means, literally, "no place," since it was formed from the Greek ou, meaning "no, not," and topos, "place."

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Bert - 26-9-2016 at 14:59

Everyone knows this is Erewhon...

Maroboduus - 26-9-2016 at 18:19

Make it with Oxygen-12 and Nitrogen-10 and it'll be low density. But the shelf-life would be just awful!