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is dibutyl phthalate useful for something other than to make phthalic acid

cant think of a username - 27-4-2017 at 13:55

i recently got a liter of dibutyl phthalate and was wondering if it has any uses other than to make phthalic acid from its hydrolysis.

clearly_not_atara - 27-4-2017 at 14:23

It can also be used to make butyl halides and tetrabutylammonium, which is a useful phase-transfer catalyst. 1-butyl chloride is recommended as a solvent for recrystallization in some cases. 1-butyl acetate is known for having a pleasant odor and can also be used as a solvent which is similar to ethyl acetate but less hydrophilic.

Ozone - 27-4-2017 at 14:44

It's a decent solvent for Cyalume-type (light-stick reactions) Chemistry. Convert to phthalic acid and butanol (both useful), separate, convert to phthalic anhydride and then to phthalimide, which can be used to make many cool things. Save the butanol for use as a solvent or precursor (halides, esters, butenes, etc.). Plasticize some PVC (or experiment with other hard plastics). It can be an interesting co-solvent and can be used to create stable gels.


The Volatile Chemist - 28-4-2017 at 13:02

It is often used as a fluid in MP test tubes (the ones with the extra little side arm. Our high school AP Chem class had some for that purpose.

Boffis - 29-4-2017 at 08:12

I started a thread a while back on just the same issue after I acquired for free some di-n-butyl and di-n-pentyl phthalates. Check out

Dipentyl phthalate undergoes transesterification with methanol/KOH to give the dimethyl phthalate which can then be converted to phthalamide with urea or ammonia solution under suitable conditions, see Nicodems refs and comments in the link above. You many also be able to nitrate it and then convert it into luminol without going through phthalic anhydride.

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tshirtdr1 - 14-5-2017 at 17:00

I'm a little late to the game here, but you could try to sell it. Diethyl is pretty easy to come by, but the dibutyl is pretty expensive. I did some teratogenic studies with phthalates, and I had to synthesize my own, as the diethyl was the only one that was cheap enough to buy.

Illegal Parkinson - 16-6-2017 at 04:34

I checked my database. Phthalofyne is one of the only compounds that i could see.

Quaff - 1-11-2017 at 07:55

Used as plasticizers, but aren't these endocrine disruptors ? I'd use extra caution. A lot of products containing polymers from china are oozing with the stuff. I hate phthalates