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PETN Alternate Synthesis / WFNA ALT

energeticone - 16-5-2017 at 19:35

...I am over ETN....I am currently working 2 jobs and have side work (not a valid excuse for lack of researching)....easier and/ or already to acquired:
70% HNO3 2.5L
98 % H2SO4 5L
2KG of Pentaerythritol
I currently own all Urbanski volumes among other bibles of energetics
Have researched a few unreliable sources of a more efficient approach to WFNA?
Rather than spending an entire day for 100 mls of WFNA. Could anyone with their infinite wisdom educate (school me, for the gangstas out there?) an easier route to purify the 2.5L of 70 % HNO3 to WFNA, or the stoichiometry given what is at hand?
Glass ware and equipment will not limit what is reccomended
Serious and respected inquiries only.
....much obliged :D

PHILOU Zrealone - 17-5-2017 at 03:03

Simply put both into the freezer then mix 500 ml of each (the H2SO4 dropped slowly under stirring/mixing into the HNO3 not the contrary otherwise you will be splached by a boiling acid mix)...

The mix will self heat due to the strong affinity of H2SO4 for water (that's why you have to cool down the reactants first).

Then heat slowly until distillation occurs (the all apparatus must be kept away from air moisture during distillation so you need a CaCl2 plug to the air for dehydrating any air that enter the system).

The heat must be slow in a way to reduce overheating and red-brown NxOy fumes...what would lead to RFNA...
VoilĂ  you should get approx 350 ml WFNA...

ecos - 18-5-2017 at 14:26

5L !!
you should not synthesis all this amount in one go.
don't play with huge about of EM. If run out happen you will be in danger.