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energeticone - 18-5-2017 at 20:42

...looking for new binary. Anyone whom has experience with both please help me weigh the pros/ cons. Ease of synthesis (time related) and VOD comparison.
Serious inquiries only

greenlight - 18-5-2017 at 22:50

The PLX would be easier to manufacture as you just mix the two liquids together.
EGDN is not a binary and falls more into the group with nitroglycerin and methyl nitrate. It also requires a nitration which will obviously take longer to perform.

PLX is supposed to be around 6000m/s I think.
EGDN has a more precise measured VOD taken from explosives engineering of 7300m/s @ 1.48g/cm3.

They really are two different explosives but I think EGDN would be the more brisant and definitely won't freeze and become dangerous like NG.
One downside is the handling problems with headaches which I have heard are worse than the ones from NG.

PLX is safer to handle I think and requires more shock to detonate than EGDN so there is that too.

PHILOU Zrealone - 19-5-2017 at 02:02

PLX requires Nitromethane (NM) and Ethylenediamine (EDA).
EGDN requires Ethylene glycol and Nitric acid (plus if too dilluted some concentrated Sulfuric acid).

In theory both could be mixed resulting in a mix of NM, EDA dinitrate, Ethylene glycol and Ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN)...without signifiant advantage for sensitivity or power because EDADN has a similar VOD to EGDN and because the weakest link remains the EGDN wich is the most sensitive to shock, heat , initiation...into the range of NG (nitroglycerin).