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inventory software

justdusty - 5-12-2017 at 21:42

I was wondering if anybody may know of some decent chemical and or lab software not that I'm OCD or disorganized well maybe ok probably both.

Vosoryx - 5-12-2017 at 21:51

Uh, just use excel?
I use google sheets, it works great. I even have it sorted alphabetically, and can very easily add new items should I make/buy some more. I'm not really sure what else there is for an inventory software.

PirateDocBrown - 5-12-2017 at 22:09

I use OpenOffice, freeware that closely emulates Excel.

Notice the background color for the CAS# is also the Baker storage code color. I also display the NFPA diamond numbers.

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inv prtsc.jpg.png - 119kB

Bert - 5-12-2017 at 22:11

What, exactly, do you need to keep an inventory of?

We use excel to track explosives inventory and keep a file of hard copies printed out after each intake of materials and/or release of materials to shows or wholesale customers.

How well this will work for you depends on what details your inventory requires you to record and your own comprehension of the data you will need to be able to extract later.

Vosoryx - 5-12-2017 at 22:20

Well, yours is even more fancy than mine.

GRAPH.png - 28kB

(Just a random shot from the middle of it, not from the top cause it's actually very unorganized at the top.)

And some things are missing because i'm bad at housekeeping.

justdusty - 6-12-2017 at 10:23

I'm using excell right now. Just thought there may be some razzy new apps
Inventory of my chemicals I order and make also equipment. I travel a lot so need my inventory list with me for when I find a good deal on items. Once found 50 lb bags of kno3 for 35.00 still looking for that again.

Eianz - 9-9-2018 at 23:05

Excel sheets are my best friend in this regard

Hendrik - 10-9-2018 at 05:57

From my point of view, Google Sheets is the best when it comes to inventories.

Texium (zts16) - 10-9-2018 at 11:06

In the research lab I work in, we use a site called Quartzy for chemical inventory:

Since it's designed to be used for research labs with hundreds or thousands of chemicals and multiple users, it's a little overkill for a home lab. I've been considering messing with it for mine though, because it is free, pretty easy to use, and allows you to record the location, amount, vendor, and even price of all of your reagents in a nice searchable database.

Ubya - 14-12-2018 at 05:58

i'm using this service, the free offer is more than enough for me