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Heating mantle problem

Ihuicatl - 16-3-2018 at 18:25

Hello I'm brand new and have read all of the information I could find about heating mantles with out a variac which isn't very much. Does anyone use one with out a variac? I got one off eBay and it has a temperature knob. Would i still need it? Im really wanting to use it but don't want to burn the house down.

Please let me know what you guys think, any input would be awesome.


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Gurt - 16-3-2018 at 19:30

You should be fine without a variac for that mantle. I used to have one very similar to that, a cheap Indian mantle with a temp knob. Worked fine without the variac, just didn't have the most accurate temp control.

Ihuicatl - 16-3-2018 at 19:40

Gurt thank you for that, it has a three prongs cord as well but I kept reading you have to have a variac or controller. Luckily I'm only using it for essential oils and other herbal stuff so nothing to crazy.

Gurt - 16-3-2018 at 19:45

Just keep an eye on it when it's running, I never trust the built in controls a whole lot. Have fun!