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Excellent chemistry apps for your phone

j_sum1 - 9-4-2018 at 18:53

I thought this forum was probably the best place for this.

What are some really good chemistry and other scientific phone apps? Share them here. I am certain that others will benefit from sharing useful stuff that we have found.

Let me kick things off:

Hydrogen Atom
Ok. Probably not that useful, but if you ever wanted to know what the 8g orbitals look like, here is a picture. I am not even sure how accurate it is but it seems ok. I have downloaded it for use when I am teaching.
Free with no ads.

2018-04-10 11.40.02.png - 225kB

This is awesome. It really helps to visualise what is going on in a molecule. I have just upgraded to the paid version which unlocks a few extra features and enables electron density calculations on molecules with more than 9 atoms.
If you just need graphics of molecules, it is quicker than chemsketch.
It also accesses online libraries and databases. No ads.

Screenshot_2018-04-10-11-50-28-47.png - 75kB Screenshot_2018-04-10-11-54-08-34.png - 78kB Screenshot_2018-04-10-11-56-58-24.png - 199kB

Pics show a molecular orbital of fluorine, standard structural model and electron density plot for trichloroacetic acid

Merck PTE
I want a good periodic table that I can use when offline. This one is ok. The feature I use more than any other is the molecular mass calculator. Again, no ads.

Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-03-18-12.png - 140kB

Not an ap but bookmarked link. is amazing. So much information and so well arranged. Probably better on a computer but works ok on a phone. Excellent for just learning about elements and various trends in the periodic table. The compounds tab is interesting. I have just begun to explore the resources that go with the table -- links at the bottom of the screen. They look good too.

First pic shows calcium isotopes and decay modes.
Second pic shows properties of aluminium as well as the third ionisation trends across the table.

Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-09-38-71.png - 313kB Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-12-27-94.png - 297kB

Balance Chemical Equations
Another link rather than an app. This is powerful. It balances equations. You can enter some species as words -- it will recognise "acetic acid" for example. It will add species for certain classes of reactions. And it works out all of your stoichiometry on a mass basis. Pretty useful. But it does require you to be online to use it. There are ads and the interface is a bit un-pretty.

Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-21-00-64.png - 119kB Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-21-37-58.png - 108kB

Hiper Calc Pro
I paid for the full version of this. It was only a couple of bucks.
If you don't already have a good claculator (and there are gazillions around) then I would recommend this one. As you can see, nice handling of complex numbers. It also handles conversions and constants nicely.
It is not a statistics calculator. It is not designed for graphing functions. And it is not programmable. If you want something that does these, you need to try something else.

Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-24-41-88.png - 207kB Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-27-05-73.png - 46kB Screenshot_2018-04-10-12-27-26-94.png - 113kB

greenlight - 9-4-2018 at 21:27

Those are pretty nice.
I have been using the app called "periodic table" for a while now and its has a lot of info about the elements even the rarer ones. It does not have a molar mass calculator though.

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Screenshot_2018-04-10-13-23-13.png - 187kBScreenshot_2018-04-10-13-22-51.png - 725kBScreenshot_2018-04-10-13-23-20.png - 231kB

NedsHead - 9-4-2018 at 22:26

A couple weeks back a friend put me onto Photomath(, now that I think about it, it might be an insult:D

RawWork - 10-4-2018 at 04:36

This android app has all nuclear data and good picture representation of all nuclides. Easy to navigate.

It's actually official atomic mass and energy data updated in 2016.
Windows version is available too.

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rawwork5.jpg - 252kB

symboom - 10-5-2018 at 21:33

I would like to add some for android

Beaker a virtual beaker in which you perform reactions
I just wish it had organic chemistry too but its a start.

Kirill sidorov
The app creator has many
Chemical related directories

Directory of solvents

Directory of chemical-technical process
And many more

Text to speech sometine typing is a pain this app has help document chemical reaction

Smart inventory qrl code
Keep track of chemicals and how much i needed

Chem journal app
Document rcacton

chem suite
Calculations of chemistry

Chem sketch
Draw chemicals

Make lab reports

LearnedAmateur - 11-5-2018 at 04:24

Quote: Originally posted by symboom  

Beaker a virtual beaker in which you perform reactions
I just wish it had organic chemistry too but its a start.

I’ve used this, as well as the paid app ‘Chemist’ by the same developer, but they’re both pretty crap IMO with lots of mistakes and they’re just really not accurate. They both have the potential to be AMAZING virtual labs, the idea behind them anyway, but they’re not well made and could do with a lot of improvement. I jumped at the chance to get these but was disappointed, thinking I could emulate most of the reactions one would perform in an actual lab space but they don’t seem to be improving them much.

j_sum1 - 12-5-2018 at 04:08

Installed beaker. Then unstalled it. The idea is great. Graphics goog. But functionality and realism just not there. I tried to distil some nitric acid and did not get far.
And why the hell does it need to access the GPS??

crystal grower - 12-5-2018 at 06:45

For Android from Google play:
Amino Acids Structures - Quiz and Flashcards
Autor: Andrey Solovyev
It's great way for students to learn the 20 common aminoacids and also others. This autor also has other similiar apps for carboxylic acid, functional groups, hydrocarbons etc.
It has adds but those are super-non-invasive and only in the bottom of the screen.

VSEPR_VOID - 12-5-2018 at 18:47

I use O Chem Flashcards to practice and review. I highly recommend it

symboom - 12-5-2018 at 20:14

Thanks ill give it a try the beaker app would be great if it was programable for example adding more chemicals to the list and changing reactions

if only i knew how to build an app i would make something like beaker but more functions and chemicals.